Friday, July 16, 2010

Five Question Friday

I am a sucker for "surveys" & answering questions about myself so when I came across Five Question Fridays over at My Little Life I had to join in!

This weeks questions (& answers) are...

1. Do you collect anything?
Hmm...I used to collect boxes but only to say that I collected something. I wasn't like searching for boxes and jumping for joy when I found a new, interesting one. 

So, I'm just going to go with no on this one.

2. Name 3 celebrities that you find good looking.
I did not use to think so, but after watching The Killers I am gaga over Ashton Kutcher!! He is SO good looking in this movie! I went and saw it at the theater two nights in a row, maybe because it was funny & maybe because I liked the eye candy. :)

Next I have to say Chris Pine. You know, the guy in "Just My Luck" with Lindsay Lohan. Super cute. Oh and this means I get to share a silly photo with you that my now hubby made for me. (It's actually kinda creepy.)

And for #3, David Beckham. This one took me a while to decide on, but he is totally hot. I just don't understand why he is with Victoria. She seems so plastic and boring!

3. Do you have any scars? If so, what's the story behind it (them?)?
Hahaha. Do I have any scars?! My parents would be cracking up at this one. They used to say they were going to rent me out to insurance agencies (to find the risks) because I got hurt so much. Let's see - my biggest scar is on the side of my face by my chin. I got it when I was 8 years old. I was riding my bike and ran into a basketball pole! OUCH! My mom was 8 months pregnant with my brother and had to ride my bike back to the house to get the car. I wish we had taken a picture of that!

I had to have a plastic surgeon stitch me up so that my face wouldn't be noticeably scarred and I had to have 63 stitches! I've had 74 stitches total among all of my accidents. I'll leave the other scars for a story another day!

4. What is a food that you like to eat, but others might think it's gross or weird?
Well, there aren't many because I am about as picky as they come. (I don't like ANY veggies at all. Unless you count fried potatoes as a veggie.)

I like to put applesauce on saltine crackers. I don't think that's very strange but all of my friends think it is.

5. Have you ever seen a tornado in real life?
Okay I have been wondering this for like 10 years! My friend was staying with me and we heard something so we went to the window to listen. We thought it was a train or someone whistling really loudly (gimme a break, we were tweens!) but turns out it was a tornado. We started to run upstairs to get my parents and on the way I swear I saw like different colored lights flashing. Now I know a tornado isn't colorful but it was obviously something associated with the tornado. It was super scary though! 

Have a great weekend!


star said...

Girl, I've got to break it to you: applesauce with crackers is totally weird! Chris Pine is so hot in the new Star Trek movie!

Jillian said...

that picture is freaking hilarious! seriously. and if the tornado was sucking up anything with electricity in it, it would totally spark colors. aaaand, the saltine thing is uber gross ;)

A Babbling Brunette said...

Haha! Is applesauce on crackers really weird?? It is so good. Y'all should try it!

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