Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up

I have been thinking about posting so much lately and guess what? I'm finally doing it!

I'm a married woman now and a step-mom! Last weekend was the best weekend of my life.  Our wedding was so much FUN! I am going to wait to post about the wedding because I want to use the professional photos. But for now - it was truly amazing!

Madi has been doing well. She is in kindergarten and loves her class. She has quite a few good friends and is learning A LOT. She got her first report card last week. She is reading and writing above grade level. She also got Advanced Proficient in Math. (she did not get that from me...ha!) So proud!

We are home today - she woke up with some bad asthma symptoms. I took her to the dr and now we are home resting. She has sinusitis and her asthma is acting up. It tends to do that when she's sick. We got some medicine and have her inhalers so all is good.

Paul and I are happy newlyweds! We all really enjoy living in Virginia Beach and I just feel blessed that we live in such a great place.

Here are some recent pictures ... ya know, since I haven't posted in a while. :)

My Bachelorette Party

My ninja and me for Halloween

Halloween - 7 days before our wedding!!

This summer 

Madi & Addi's 2014 school pictures

Monday, August 4, 2014


I turned the big 3-0 on Saturday!!! As said here, I'm thrilled to be 30! This year is going to hold great moments and memories. :)

I admit, I was a bit sad to be celebrating such a milestone birthday away from the majority of my friends and family. I think Paul knew that, without me saying so, because he made me feel extra loved on my birthday!

Saturday morning I opened my gifts from Madi & my mom. Madi gave me such a thoughtful gift - pearl earrings. I dropped my only pair down the drain about 6 months ago and she remembered that. She also drew me a picture and her grandmother took pictures of her "modeling" and framed them for me. My mom gave me a gift card to one of my favorite clothing stores and wrote me a note that almost made me cry. Almost!

Since Paul & I are spending every extra penny on our wedding (and since I don't NEED anything) I told Paul all I wanted for my birthday was my car cleaned out. He did that for me and did an amazing job!! My anxiety level seriously decreases drastically when my car is clean. I'm in it SO much that it's really important to me for it to be clean.  <3 doing="" for="" him="" nbsp="" p="" that="">
Madi, Paul, and I went to IHOP for breakfast. I normally don't eat there but when there is no Lizard's Thicket in the same state as me, the alternative is IHOP. It was very nice having breakfast with my loves.  Unfortunately, I felt absolutely awful the majority of the day so after breakfast I lied around at home until we went bowling. Paul had that planned and our friends Jeff & Pam met us there. We played a good, competitive 3 rounds. Madi beat me in round 2 and Paul killed us all in every round!

Madi & Pam "cheering" for Paul during the girls vs boys game & Jeff's finger is photo bombing

After bowling I did some more resting, then I thought we were dropping Madi off at Jeff & Pam's so that Paul & I could go out to dinner buttttt my sweet fiancĂ© had a SURPRISE party waiting for me!! Boy was I surprised! Pam decorated her kitchen and had a very nice spread of appetizers for us. She also made me that fun 30 sign in the picture at the top of this post. She put all my favorite candy on the board and little gifts and things that happened the year I was born. So crazy to see how things have changed in 30 years! 

What blew me away was that people I've known less than a year, some less than a few months, came to spend an evening to celebrate my birthday with me. I really felt like I'm somewhere I belong and like I have family here. I never expected to have people so openly welcome my daughter and me into their circle of friends and treat us like family. It was really amazing! 

one of my birthday gifts

Enough sappiness - we ate my fav - cheeseburgers and french fries! And cookie cake!!!! Yay! :) It was a great day/night. And my friends & family back home didn't forget my birthday either - I got some great cards in the mail and love that I'm getting snail mail now that I live in a different state! 

Cheers to being 30! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tidbits & A Giveaway

I'm hereeeee. 

I've missed blogging. Truly. Sooooo here I am again.

Not much to say - just adjusting to life in VA Beach, my new job, and wedding planning. Okay so all of that is actually A LOT.

I am loving living here. It's such a fun town. I feel like I need a cruiser before I can officially call myself a Virginia Beach resident. EVERYONE - young, old, tourist, resident - bikes around here. There are sidewalks everywhere so I guess people just assume why not bike? It's pretty crazy. 

Work is going well. I am enjoying the job and catching on quickly. The days go by pretty fast which is always nice! I will be learning more this next month so hopefully I'll continue to catch on and won't break too many things!

Wedding planning is about to make me lose my mind. How do people do this for a living!??! I seriously can't sleep at night sometimes because I have so much I need to be doing. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's also a big headache at times. And crafts - oy. Crafts are not my thing and crafts are inevitable for a wedding. That's where I count on my mom, Pam, and Paul's family to do it all help! :)

Sooooo all of that being said - I wanted to share this snazzy giveaway going on over at Stroman Studios. Stefanie is turning 30 on August 21st and like me, she's excited about it!! Props to her for being happy about growing a year older! 

She is giving away 30 items to celebrate turning 30! All the details on her tumblr page found here! You can check out the daily gifts on her instagram page - @stromanstudios.

I've worked with Stefanie before and she's truly a wonderful designer. She designed by best friend's wedding invitations and I also took a calligraphy class from her a few months ago. Remember? 

Go check it out! Or don't... more chances for meeeeee. ;)

PS. 3 days until I'm 30!!!!! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Almost 30

It irks me when I hear people complain about getting a year older. Would you prefer the alternative?? No. I’ve lost quite a few people in my life who went way too early, so I appreciate the years I am given. Yes, I’ll be out of my twenties soon but I’m sure the thirties will hold many new, just as exciting experiences.


So, don’t whine to me if you’re getting older. It’s a blessing. Be happy and grateful!


Oh, and buy me a birthday present. (August 2 is in 22 days… you have time) :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Where you go, I will go.

Wow. A lot has happened since May 7th.

Two days after, I got engaged to the love of my life. Yep - Paul asked me to marry him and I couldn't be happier! Madi is excited as well and we can't wait to tell Addison.

A few days after he proposed, I was offered a job in Norfolk, VA. Talk about good timing!! I accepted and will start this coming Monday. I'm very excited about the new job and about Paul and I no longer having to do this long distance thing. It is not easy!! We will certainly not take our time together for granted after spending a year apart!

Madi is coping well with the move. She is five years old so to her it's about how she will get to spend more time with "the dogs," as she calls them (Jeff & Pam's dogs). I'm thankful that I found a job before she starts school in the fall - this way, she can start school in VA and we won't have to worry about that transition.

Everything is truly falling into place! It's amazing what a little faith and prayer can do.

I will try to blog more now that we will have many new adventures in VA!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The 'Ol Rivalry

I guess when I say I'm not going to post anymore it's actually code for I'm going to post all the time now.

It's no secret that in the South we take our football rivalries seriously. I mean as serious as Canadians take their hockey.

Clemson vs Carolina is the rivalry in my state. My dad was a die-hard Carolina fan. My mom is a Carolina fan by default (she went there) and I have never really payed much attention to football.

Since Paul and Morgan went to Clemson, I've been leaning in that direction. Madi has pretty much fallen in that direction. :) So yesterday when I saw a Clemson cheerleader outfit for $4.50, I snatched it up!

She wore it to school today - oh so proudly! (Her teachers are both Clemson fans. And I must point out that it's interesting that I know that. Thinking about Anchorage - I would have had no clue what sports team people liked. Football is just that big of a deal around here.)

Well, I knew there would be some talk - and she did too - about who does and doesn't like her outfit. She told me right away that her friend BJ would love it and that Patrick would not. I told her just to take it with a grain of salt basically. But of course, it's not that easy, especially since she's five years old!

She told me tonight that one of her good friends would not stand next to her all day today (aka wouldn't play with her), because of her Clemson outfit. Madi even said "she finally let me stand behind her in car line." This just made me so sad! I know it's just kids being kids, but to what degree? Some parents put so much emphasis on school teams being better or worse, that their young children pick up on it and relate that to others. 

I am not saying we shouldn't be passionate about sports, but I just want parents to be aware that how we act about that Carolina fan next to us is going to be mocked by our children. Breaking that orange crayon (ahem, Marty! haha, kidding!) or refusing to wear garnet may be a bit overboard … at least in front of your kids.

Just some food for thought when I can't make my mind turn off.

Go Tigers! ;)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nights like tonight.

Nights like tonight make crying in the bathroom completely worth the pain.

Madi & I were both feeling lethargic and just not all that well this evening. As soon as we got home, I fixed her dinner and let her eat it in my bed while we watched a Barbie Mermaid movie. After she ate, we played Disney Guess Who and then she spent some time alone in her room while I ate dinner. Later, she joined me on the couch to watch Love It or List It (yes, the HGTV show!) and then I cuddled in her bed with her to put her to sleep.

She cried when I didn't let her sleep in my room but it was such an innocent, sweet cry. She just wanted her mama. I held her close and just assured her I'd be here. I told her how much I love her. That is the most important thing, I've found, to do - tell your children you love them all the time. Even if you think they know - say it anyway.

Those moments of feeling her chest go up and down on mine are what motherhood feels like. She makes my life so much more and I thank God for her every night.

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