Sunday, October 6, 2019

All In

One of my favorite preachers mentioned this a few years ago but I didn’t quite grasp the impact at the time.

I went to a football game last weekend. Well, not just any football game - Clemson vs. UNC. If you follow college football even a little bit, you have heard about this game. It was intense. Like edge of your seat, standing up, jumping, back to the edge of your seat kind of intense - for both teams.

Football fans are not shy about their commitment, excitement, and loyalty to their team. They wear clothes to represent their team (& to let everyone know who they cheer for); put decals on their vehicles; and some even paint their faces in the team colors. They also jump up and down and SCREAM for their team. I was one of those people. And the thing is, they do this in public. Without caring who sees or hears them.

But Christians. Do we do this? Without a second thought or reservation? Do we stand up in church and raise our hands without resisting? Or do we first look around to see who else has their hands up? Do we encourage the pastor by shouting out to them or do we hold it in? But wait, we just said we quickly, without thought shout  at the QB. We quickly shout at the coach and the refs. We adamantly jump up and down when our team scores.

What if, Christians had no reservations or limitations to praising God? What if, we worshipped Him with all we had and lost our voices FOR HIM?? What if, we voiced words of encouragement and confirmation to our pastors?

Wouldn’t the church become a completely new level of worship?

Just a thought for today. Just a thought for my fellow Christians, and of course myself. I checked myself before church this morning & I moved to the music just a little bit harder today. God deserves more than football. A whole lot more.

PS. Go Tigers. #ALLIN #ALLINforJESUStoo


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