Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did you know...

that it's Fall in Alaska already?

When we lived there I hated that Fall started so early and everyone at home was still enjoying the 90 degree weather. Well, now that I'm back and have had a full South Carolina summer, I'm ready for Fall!! I can't wait to wear cozy sweaters, my new boots, and drink hot chocolate!

If you've never been to Alaska I highly recommend taking the trip. The cruise is probably the most popular way to see Alaska but if you want to experience the nature and indescribable beauty, then I totally recommend getting on a plane and staying for a week or two. Oh and don't forget your bear spray!!

My favorite places to hike (okay I use the word "hike" loosely. By this I mean walk a few miles while pouting that it's too difficult and then going "oooohhh it's sooo pretty!!") are Eagle River Nature Center & Euklutna Lake in Eagle River, AK.

The pics below are from our Fall 2007 hike at Eagle River Nature Center. I hope this puts y'all in the mood for chilly nights and football season!

I know my Alaska girls are reading this -- I love y'all & miss you bunches!! xoxo!


Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend, Carrie!! I love you!!



Cindy said...


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of anyone who has moderate weather right now, Boston has been absolutely stifling this week which means bad hair days among other things! I've always wanted to go to Alaska, you're pictures definitely show off the beauty of the state.

x M.

Ruth said...

Beautiful pictures!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I bet everyone in ALaska is enjoying the yum Fall drinks at Starbucks already!! Great pictures!


Patti said...

Love the great pics Miss Brittan...Things are definately in Fall mode...you can smell it and see it all around the Anchorage Bowl. Leaves falling and the crispness in the air.

Miss you bunches...

Brittany said...

Alaska is SO pretty! I would have never pictured it like that :) Can't wait for fall!

Cool Gal said...

A trip to Alaska is on my "bucket list." Absolutely amazing photos.

Amber said...

GORGEOUS! I have always wanted to go to Alaska. A little bitter my entire family, minus myself, has been :) Definitely in my future plans! Those pics are just beautiful!

Michelle said...

WOW! It looks beautiful! I'd love to go to Alaska!

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