Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Revelation

I think I have a new favorite picture:

"Dear Diary..."

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I've been trying to decide between a monogram or wooden letters to go above the crib. I am so indecisive that I didn't make a decision until now-almost 2 years later. I think I made a good choice though! It is still a work in progress, but I finally got a monogram for Madi's room. I ordered it off of eBay for a really good price. I love it but it was quite intense to put up. Justin did all of the work while I stood there wincing and cringing. The "squeegee-ing" the air bubbles out was the aggravating part and it took lots of patience which I totally do not have. 

Please ignore the messy crib and bad angle. I was sitting down when I took this.

So, I've come to a revelation: This is a mommy blog. Not just this post, but my blog "theme." When I first started this blog I specifically wanted it to be about anything and everything. I didn't want a blog just about my role as a mom, but since I've started it I realized this is my life and I love every bit of it. Madi is everything to me and I love sharing her moments and experiences with y'all. I absolutely do. So, while I do have my own interests outside of mommy-hood, I truly enjoy being a mom and it's the best thing that God has ever blessed me with. I'm embracing the fact that my blog is, indeed, a mommy blog and I can't wait to continue sharing all of our Madi adventures with you guys! I hope y'all stick around for the fun!


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