Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Men

Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? Or should I say who hasn't started? Mama M is hosting a "Holiday Gift Guide" from now until the last Saturday before Christmas. Every week has a different theme. This week's theme is "gifts for the mature men in your life" (dads, grandpas, husbands...). I am actually getting pretty good at picking out man gifts. I think it's from my in-depth internet research aka shopping addiction. So, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for men this season.


*To my husband & step-dad who occasionally read my blog--stop now, or you will not be surprised on Christmas.* :)

Okay, hint ladies: men like anything electronic. Seriously, if they can plug it in or put batteries in it or "stream" it to a device then it's a winner. Below are some ideas for those kind of men aka all men:

Apple TV - If you've ever been to my blog before you have probably noticed that I love all things Apple, as does my husband. Apple just has the best products out there. Hands down.

The new Apple TV streams movies and TV shows from your computer to your TV, and you can also rent movies through iTunes from the Apple TV. This amazing little gadget is only $100.

Apple iPad - Okay yes, it's another Apple product, but like I said they are the best! Hubs got one of these when they first came out and he loves it.

iPads are great for watching movies, reading books, playing games, or just checking your email. I do have "ifs" about it though because I feel like if you have iPhone, you don't really need one. BUT Christmas isn't for buying things you need, right? :) The downside to this pretty little thing is the price. The WiFi iPad starts at $499 and the 3G iPad starts at $629, plus 3G monthly service charge.

For the simple men in your life:

Board Games - Does your husband/grandpa/dad/brother have a favorite TV show? If so, I bet you there is a board game out about that show. My husband's all-time favorite show is The Office. Just the other day we were in the mall and we saw The Office Clue & Monopoly games. So fun and so simple! In the mall they were $40. has them for about $30, and they have free shipping right now!

PS. If you like to play board games and he doesn't, this is a great way to get him to play with you!!

T-Shirts - I think this is an excellent gift for a brother or brother-in-law, or even just a guy friend. I found these shirts at Southern Chics from a blog (sorry y'all, I'm SO bad about remembering where I saw things) and I immediately found something for my brother.


Those are just a few examples of their guy shirts. I think they run a little small so FYI in case you order some. All of the Southern Chics shirts are $17.95 and that includes shipping!

Espresso Machine - Yes this is totally random, but it's something I would not normally think to get a guy. However, some guys I know love coffee so why not get them a really nice espresso machine to have at home? To me this is something they probably would like, but wouldn't necessarily want to buy for themselves.

You can find Espresso Machines pretty much anywhere. I will be purchasing one from Target, simply because I love Target (tar-ge). These range anywhere from $40 all the way up to $1,000. I'm pretty sure the $40 ones will do just fine. :) 

Hope this was useful and good luck shopping for those men! I can't wait to read about your great finds!!



Cool Gal said...

I haven't started my shopping yet (ugg), but told my mister just last night I will be this week. I don't want to be stressed during December. I want to be able to enjoy it!

I love the iPad idea!


Have a great day.

Kelly said...

We're getting my Dad a RL Polo jacket for Christmas-- he's pretty easy to shop for, just get him anything Polo brand ;-) We've been wanting an espresso machine and I had no idea that they were so inexpensive at Target! I might have to check that out for Greg!! ;-)

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