Monday, December 13, 2010

A Desperate Plee for Help!

Calling all heel-wearing women!!

I need your help! Please, please, please tell me the secret to wearing heels?! How on earth do you get your feet into these shoes???

I MUST get my feet into these pretty little shoes on Wednesday for a Christmas party.

image via

I. AM. DESPERATE. You think I'm joking, but seriously my feet just do not bend that way!!

Please and thank you! 



Anonymous said...

If the shoes are a bit too tight, put some ziploc bags half way full of water inside the shoes and then place the shoes in the freezer. Sounds crazy, but the expansion of the water as it freezes will help stretch the material out a bit!

Mama K said...

Wow...good tip from Michelle. I stopped wearing heels after I got pregnant with Little Man! I've maybe worn them once or twice since then, so I would not be of any help!

Jessica Moore said...

I've never minded wearing heels but some of my friends have told me those dr. scholls inserts for high heels have helped them! I think you can get them anywhere but here's the online link too.
Have fun @ the party :)

Leah said...

I am right there with you. I've never been able to really wear heels either. The trick is to just wear 'em out to a dinner or something wear you won't be standing at all. Little by little, it will get easier. That's been working for me so far. Unfortunately, I'm running a lot and that has totally ruined my heels or really anything kind of hurts my poor feet! Oh well..what can you do...

Just Jen said...

Wear them around the house, with socks. This will help get your feet used to them without rubbing blisters. Never wear brand new shoes for the first time when you are going out!

Kelly said...

If I can get away with it (in the summer months particularly..) I like to wear slingback heels because they fit perfectly. I'm a 7.5 and you sometimes can't find half sizes in heels, so slightbacks really help with the adjustable strap. I wear heels all the time... I suppose I'm used to it. Practice makes perfect? ;-) GOOD luck!!

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