Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Me: Madi, You're my favorite!
Justin: Madi, You're my favorite!
Madi: No, I'm mommy's favorite!
Me: Yes you are!
Madi: I don't feel special.

WHHAATTT?! Justin and I immediately look at each other, mouths open with awe. Immediate thoughts of failure entered my head, but then I remembered that awful box we let babysit her her watch...

Me: Madi, you are VERY special to us! Did you hear that on TV?
Madi: Yeah, on Kai Lan.

Darn that Kai Lan. I'll break her.

Madi: Mommy, I'm hungry.
Me: Okay, you can have some fruit snacks.
Justin: You can have whatever you want. I'll go to the ATM right now.

Madi (while eating her fruit snacks): I feel so special now Mommy!

Oh, she makes my heart smile. But that Kai Lan must go.


Earlier today I took Madison to her 2 year wellness check-up. Madi does not like "strangers" getting near her, so seeing the doctor is never a fun experience. Well, now that she's 2 and has a developed vocabulary these visits are getting more interesting.

I was utterly embarrassed and amused all at the same time as she screamed "NO! NOOOO!!! NOOO!! LET ME GET DOWN!!!!" at the doctor. Oh and let's not forget the kicking as well. I think she may have given her doctor quite a few bruises. Whoops.

Of course the dr was great and assured me that she receives such abuse from all of her 2 year old patients, but I am still not convinced. I think I should send her a Christmas present this year...

But, good news is Madi is healthy and all caught up on her immunizations. She is tall for her age (in the 75th percentile) and weighs 27.06lbs (average). I don't remember what her head circumference was, but this was the last time they will take those measurements because she's a big girl now! :( Bittersweet!

I almost want to copy and paste the top portion of this post so y'all can laugh again, because I know you had to of laughed at that. Or at least after you cried from the "I'm not special" part. Oh that's painful to even type!! She is such a hoot though!! Instead I'll leave you with this photo of her cousin Chandler trying to give her kiss on her birthday:

I hope this perception stays with her for a good 20 more years!



JPO said...

When I say "I don't feel special" to my hubby, he blames it on the T.V. too :)

Mrs. Werginz said...

Kai Lan is bad...and Caillou...they are kind of sister doen't like those! haha

Glad Mis Madi is healthy! sweet girl!

Just Jen said...

She is so beautiful! It broke my heart when I read that top part! Poor big girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it worked! She got her snack!

Elizabeth said...

This first part made me laugh! She is just too cute! And I love her facial expression of her cousin trying to kiss her! Haha!

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