Monday, February 28, 2011

Madi Moment Mondays!

Today Madi is 2 years & 3 months old! I can't believe she's almost 2 1/2!! (eck, I need to get the ball rolling on this no paci & potty training thing!!)

  • Last Sunday night we were saying our prayers with Madi and she always thanks Jesus for things, which is so super sweet. I told her though that she can ask Jesus for things too (thinking along the lines of "please help me be a nice girl" or something...). So she says during her prayer "I want a present!" Bahahaha! Nice one Madi, nice one! 

  • The other day I told Madi that her daddy and I were going to have to go out of town this week (more on that in a few days) and she was going to stay with her grandma. I told her we were going to miss her very much but we were going to leave her a small gift for every day we were away. She got really excited and said: "I want a camera! A pink camera! And I want a giraffe!" I asked her if she meant a stuffed animal giraffe and she said no, a big giraffe from the zoo! Ha! Then she said "He can sleep in my baby bed, and I want a purse, and soup and a spoon for him and a bottle!" I asked her again if she wanted a baby giraffe and she said no a big one!

         I mean a giraffe? Really? A pony would even be more reasonable than
         a giraffe!  I just love her imagination!

What funny things did your kids says this week?  I'd love to hear them!

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Unknown said...

Love Madi's moments!

I want a present, too! ha!

Ruth said...

To funny about the giraffe. The Christmas my niece was two we would ask her what she wanted and her response was always Harry. We kept asking what Harry Potter item she wanted. Her mom finally figured out she meant the guy who played Harry Potter.

Neely said...

Ugh shes the cutest thing EVER!

Amber said...

So, she wants a present from Jesus and a giraffe instead of a pony?! Haha, she's hilarious! And too cute! :)

Thanks for posting about my giveaway girl!

Kelly said...

Bahahahah!! I want a PINK CAMERA too!! ;-) And instead of a giraffe I'd ask for a KOALA. Hope you had a great Monday!!

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