Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WILW & The Love Challenge!

This week I am loving...

  • This new-to-me makeup: Almay Smart Shade. Carrie uses it and suggested it to me when I was griping about having to pay $22 to buy more of my usual Clinique Almost Makeup. Let me tell you, I am so glad she told me about it. I love this stuff. My first reaction was that I hate trying to find the right shade but this stuff goes on white and then changes to match your skin color! Talk about simple! 

  • I'm loving the All You Need is Love Blog Challenge and I can't wait to post about my blog swap with Kit

  • I'm loving these shoes that are way out of my price range (& can you tell I'm ready for summer?):
Pamela Amazon Wedge by Tory Burch

Calista Wedge by Kate Spade

  • I'm loving Twitter! I may, gasp, like Twitter more than FB now. I know, I never thought I'd say that. I have so much fun tweeting about The Bachelor with bloggers and just being able to tweet random thoughts throughout the day. It's so much fun!
image via

  • And as always, I'm loving my sweet family. <3

What are you loving today? Link up with Jaime!

All I Need is Love Challenge - Day 3!

If I could travel anywhere this snowy February, I would {LOVE} to go...

Well, it hasn't really been snowy here but it has definitely been cold. Sad to say though that I would not want to go somewhere warm since I've definitely been over-endulging in some comfort foods lately (and do not want to wear a bathing suit!)

I would actually {LOVE} to rent a cabin in the Tennessee mountains for the weekend. That sounds amazing actually. Hmm...haha! 

image via



Neely said...

You're loving some great stuff! Thanks for linking up!

Amber said...

I can not wait to share what we got from our swaps either! This is a lot of fun :)

LOVING those Kate Spade wedges! Too cute. Aren't you SO ready for summer?! I know I am.

Cute pic of Madi & the hubs!

I'll have to follow you on Twitter. Didn't realize I wasn't. I've been trying to get all my fave bloggers on there. ;)

Aubrey S. said...

I want to get away to the mountains, too. We were just talking about it last night. It's been too long.

Kait @ The Jones Journal said...

I love those Tory Burch wedges! I just got some brand new flats on ebay for half the regular price! I think we're all ready for Spring/Summer! :)

Suze said...

Wedges are to die for! LOVE them!

Twittering is becoming my option over facebook haha! it is so fun!

Cute pix of hubs and Madi :)

I'm with you a trip to tennessee in a cabin would be nice with all this cold weather that is still around!

A Wedding Story said...

I LOVE the TB wedges..they are just so cute! Sigh!

Deanna said...

I can always tell when it's beyond time for winter to end when I start drooling over cute spring/summer shoes!

I'm loving the Bachelor this season. Haven't watched in a few years, but I love it!

Unknown said...

Love those Kate Spade wedges! So cute!

Caitrin said...

Love your cabin idea- that sounds amazing right now!

Mama K said...

I love the shoes! And the cabin idea sounds like a great one! So ready for a mini-vacation with the mister!

meghan said...

I am LOVING twitter too!! I just got into it again last weekend and it's so much fun! I didn't get it before, but now that I have blog buddies and people to communicate with, it's so much fun! I'm going to add you!

Courtney said...

the cabin idea sounds perfect.....

Thanks for linking up with our challenge! Can't wait to read tomorrow's!!!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

I know what you mean about FB vs twitter!! Does that ALMAY makeup actually turn to your right shade?!

Kelly said...

I wear that foundation too!!! For three years I've loved it more than any other. It's just so good! And Twitter rocks my socks off. I NEVER thought I'd EVER even like it. Love Tweeting back and for with you and the girls :-)

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