Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Relationships

Top 2 Things you've learned about relationships

1. Spend time away from each other -
I learned this late in the dating game. I think it is SO important to have time away from your significant other, whether it's time by yourself or time with friends. When Justin and I first started dating we were both very immature and felt like we needed to spend every moment together. This gets old after a while. Not to say we don't love being around each other, but having time with your friends and by yourself is healthy and I feel that it makes the time you are together mean much more. 

2. Communication is key -
I've seen this one on a lot of people's posts today, and I totally agree. Being able to communicate with each other is the only way to have a successful relationship. If you hold things in or don't tell each other your feelings then you can't work on things or connect to each other. I am a very open person and Justin is more closed off but we both work on meeting in the middle. 


Anonymous said...

Both are SO true! xo

Unknown said...

Spend time away from each other? You mean you don't want to spend a whole week cooped up in a room together?!

Fash Boulevard said...

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Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

I couldn't agree more with #1!!!


Neely said...

Communication IS key! Great post!

Amber said...

I totally agree on both. I wish more people agreed with the first point. Nate and I only see each other on the weekends on once during the week, and people don't understand.. (we don't live together yet) it's important that we have "our time", "me time" and "friend time"

Also, Nate's the same.. kinda closed off, while I'm very open. So, we have to meet in the middle communication wise.

Good post, I loved what you've learned from relationships! :)

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