Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bye Bye Yellow!

We have lived in our house for almost a year 1/2 now. We have hung about 7 pictures, added only the necessary hardware (bathroom essentials), and only painted Madi's room. Pathetic, I know.

I do not know what hit me today but I realized I am beyond SICK of the color yellow. Could the builders have not picked a beige or tan color?! Yellow? Really? I don't know if you know this about us but my husband and I detest painting. Perhaps it is because we are terrible at picking colors...

Our living room in our first house was NEON GREEN for quite a few months.

Or perhaps it is because we are two of the most impatient people alive. Taping, cautiously painting the trim, waiting for it to dry - yeah totally not our cup of tea. 

But for whatever insane reason I decided around 2pm today that I am going to paint our guest bedroom this weekend. Notice I said "I". Hubs did not have a weird epiphany and decide to face his fear of painting. 

So after work we headed over to Lowe's and I picked out a sample for the guest room, and a sample for Madi's room. Sure, why not paint her room again too? Well, the sample I picked for her room was way too close to that neon green in the picture above. That's a no go. I think I may just give her room another coat of the purple once we hang a light in there, so I can actually see this time.

But GASP. The color I picked out for the guest room is GORGEOUS. So gorgeous in fact that hubs and I decided it must go in our bedroom.  I've been dreaming of this color for many, many years. We attempted to paint our neon green living room this color but failed. Instead it ended up looking like a baby boys room. 

Told ya.

This is THE color though - a grayish blue. I love. It will look incredible against our gray bedspread and black & white picture. I cannot wait!!!

Ebbs Tide

So, now I have the dilemma of what color to paint the guest room. The good thing is that the room is completely empty so I have a clean palette, or is it slate? Whatever, you get it. :) So I'm loving this color...

Lilac Gray

But I'm concerned that it's too similar to Madi's lavender room. Thoughts? Color suggestions? I told you. I'm bad at this. I got lucky with the Ebbs Tide, or maybe good color choosing skills come with my new desire for home decorating. That'd be convenient.

So yes, this weekend I plan to paint our master bedroom & the guest room. I will not go all crazy and plan on re-painting M's room too. I think that will wait. I'll just paint over the green samples I put on her wall. Oh and we are also putting up a light in her room and the guest room, you know, since we've been putting that off for a year 1/2 now. That should probably be done before we paint this time...

I do not know what's going on with me but I like it! Watch out house - you're finally getting some attention! Well, the upstairs is anyway. I'm not crazy enough to tackle the downstairs...yet.

Got any color suggestions? I really do want them!


melissa said...

So funny! I went colour shopping today to re-paint my room and found one I like. I have a deep red right now...so over it - I feel ya!

The colours you picked are gorgeous though!!! I kind of like that lilac gray colour. I think it's pretty. You've definitely got a knack for decorating so don't sell yourself short! xo

Shari said...

You should do some kind of neutral. A warm beige/light brown color. I have that color in my living room and it is very warm and inviting and leaves it pretty open in terms of how I want to decorate it. So depending on my mood - the accent colors can change, and the neutral shade goes with them all! More power to you for having the motivation to paint both rooms. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Christina said...

i prefer neutrals for a living room, but the ebbs tide is really pretty. you know i secretly love the neon green. haha.

Unknown said...

I painted out bedroom winter flannel (also a valspar color) it's a steel grey blue and I LOVE IT! I love the purple too, I did a greyish purple in our spare bathroom and it's great b/c it's not too purple. I will see if I can find the sample for the name of it. You go girl!

Jessica said...

Ebbs Tide is gorgeous! I'm bad at paint colors too.. I desperately want to paint our bedroom, its so blah.. we have a tan/blue/gray duvet and black and white pics too.. so that Ebbs Tide might be the perfect color for our room! Good luck with the rest of painting!!

Ruth said...

I love the blue but then it is my favorite color. painting is a great workout

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