Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Eggs & Sinus Headaches, Oh My!

Let's see. What was I supposed to do this weekend? Oh right. PAINT. Gah, I wish. Saturday morning I woke up with a terrible sinus headache. I was hoping it would go away. It did - at 5:30pm. On top of that Justin got a migraine that afternoon and had to sleep it off for a few hours. Needless to say yesterday was kind of a rough day and a no painting day as well. We did venture out of the house to get lunch (thanks to me putting off grocery shopping as long as possible) and then stopped to get Justin & me a new pair of Rainbows. YAY. I am so excited. I got the skinny strap ones this time. I've only had the thick straps before and the skinny ones are too cute! I also went to the grocery store despite the ridiculous headache. That will teach me to put it off until the last possible minute!!

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That evening when we were all feeling better we dyed Easter eggs!! This was the first time we have done this as a family and the first time Madi has ever done this. It was so much fun!! I wish I had boiled more eggs because we could have done this for hours!

Love this face!

Madi's beautiful artwork!

All of our eggs!

So glad that we did this as a family! We will have to have an Easter egg hunt soon! I'm sure Madi would love it.  I am still thinking about painting today after church but right now I have yet another sinus headache. If I don't I will not be too upset. We still got a few things done this weekend that I wanted to do. Friday night our friends Jessica & Gordie came over and helped us Justin put up a ceiling fan in our room. We have had this fan for a year!!! After Justin put one up in the living room we realized it was NOT a one person job or a job for a very weak wife (aka me). Those things are heavy!! I am so excited it is finally up in our room. It makes it look so much better and it feels better too! Yesterday Justin also put a light up in Madi's room. (We built our house so putting up the fans/lights in the bedrooms was on us.) I can now see all of the mistakes I made when painting her room and definitely need to go over it asap!

Anyway, we are making progress. Slowly but surely! Hopefully I'll get to tackle the guest room this afternoon. If not, I will do it on my next free weekend!

Time to go get ready for to y'all soon!


Holly Diane said...

Beautiful eggs! I miss doing stuff like that...the dogs just don't get into it like children would.

Unknown said...

Very cute pictures!! I hope you feel better!!

meghan said...

I loved dying Easter eggs when I was younger. I am considering doing it again this year with my boyfriend because it's always so much fun. I can't wait to have kids so that we can make a big event out of it!

Cool Gal said...

Feel better! There's nothing worse than a bad headache. Yuck.

Cute photos.

I still love to dye eggs! :)

Amber said...

I've been meaning to go get some rainbows, they are so comfy and cute!

Love the eggs! I always loved doing that as a kid. My mom made a big deal out of it with me and my little sister. It was always so much fun. :)

Suze said...

sinus headaches are the pits, hope your feeling better. sorry you didnt get to paint :(

hooray for new rainbows, i love love love mine!

those easter eggs are so cute!!! I still dye them with my moma. Its like family tradition growing up. So glad Madi got to experience it! She did really good too :)

Have a great Sunday!

Unknown said...

Glad you're feeling better! Your little basket of Easter eggs is adorable!

Kelly said...

So so sorry that you had a horrible sinus headache :-( Did I read on Twitter that you're having sinus surgery this week?? If so, best of luck!!! Love the new flip flops... ALL of mine are still packed up as it's supposed to SNOW on Wednesday, boooo! Kamman, summer!!

p.V.e said...

She's so cute! Looks like she had fun with the eggs!

JS Grame-Smith said...

Beautiful artwork with headache.... Damn. Have some neti pot kind of way.
God bless.

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