Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Favorite Things!!

Kelly over at Keeping Up with Kelly & Co. tagged me in a 10 favorite things post! Kelly must know I just loooove talking about myself. :) 

#1. Technology - my Macbook Pro & iPhone are like my life lines! Seriously, being able to whip out my phone at a restaurant so Madi can play a game or watch Wonder Pets is awesome. Who wouldn't love that?! Texting should probably be a # all on its own. I love being able to talk to my friends all day every day. I am not a huge phone calling person so texting is the best thing ever. Oh and apps - FB & Twitter = love. It's seriously starting to get out of control with my phone! Maybe I need an intervention...

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#2. Fast Food - I know it's horrible for me but I love it. Yum, yum. French fries are seriously the best food ever invented. That and pickles. And ice cream. Okay, I love all junk food. All. Of. It.
#3. North Face Fleece - I live in this thing, even in the summer. It's so comfortable and I really love the thumb holes. :) I want one in every color.
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#4. My church - I started going to NewSpring church in 2009 and am so, so glad I did. It is amazing. I grew up in church my whole life and could never pay attention or grasp any of the messages. NewSpring is completely different. I love listening to the message as much as singing the songs. Perry is a great preacher and I always leave feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the week with God by my side.
#5. Family - I use the word family loosely. I consider some of my closest friends to be my family. Of course there is also my biological family that I love so dearly. I can't imagine my life without my husband, my baby girl, my brother, my parents, my husband's parents, my best friends and so many other people. I have truly been blessed with amazing people in my life and it makes life so much fun to spend it with them!!

#6. Traveling - Unfortunately I haven't gotten to do much of this over the past few years, but hopefully we will start taking family trips soon. When I was younger I traveled all of the time. I've been to 12 states, 2 countries, and the Bahamas (idk what that is considered?!). England and Greece are on the top of my travel wish list!
Seward, AK

#7. Blogging - Duh! I started this blog almost a year ago (gasp!) and I never imagined I would get so much out of it. I have made so many friends in the blogging world and hope to one day meet them in person! If you read my blog, hello and please introduce yourself if you're new! I love getting to know my followers and finding new blogs as well.
#8. A made bed - Yes. One of my favorite things is having my bed made and then getting into it. I will not get in bed if it is un-made. I will make it first and then get in. It's just so much more relaxing that way. Who wants to get in bed with the sheets thrown every where and all room temperature. Bleh. I like cold sheets. :)

#9. Being a mother - I don't know if this counts as a favorite "thing" but I adore being a mother. Taking care of my sweet girl puts a smile on my face. We have shared some of the most hilarious, caring, genuine moments and I look forward to every new day with her. She is the light of my life!

#10. Summer time! - I love, love, love summer time! Summer time = beach trips, pool days, amusement parks, popsicles, hot dogs, sunglasses, and tans! Wahoo! Bring on summer! (I will regret this next month when I'm dripping sweat and clinging to my air conditioner.)

Now I have to tag 10 bloggers to play along! Here are just a few of my fav bloggers!

Suze @ Just Sayin

Can't wait to read about y'alls favorite things! :)


Kori said...

We have so much in common!!! I love my MAC too and just got a new Marc Jacobs bag for it!

I hope you're having a great weekend. Did you hear the news about my first novel? You can check it out here: Have a fabulous Sunday doll.

Kori xoxo

Greer's Gossip said...

What Newspring campus do you go to? We go to the Anderson campus!! Such a great church!!

Madeline said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love this northface jacket.

Suze said...

thanks for tagging me, will do this post tomorrow on my fav 10 things!!

some of your fav things are some of my very own! technology, summer time, traveling,blogging,family , church ;) I def think you can consider being a moma to madi as one too ! adorable! :)

Amber said...

I'm the same way about summer, and actually put it on my list. ;) I complain in the winter and the summer, I'm never satisified, HA!

Debby said...

Hahaha, love your #8. I am the same way, and it drives my husband crazy!

Neely said...

Great things to love! Thanks for tagging :)

Amber said...

That's a mighty good looking list!! I love traveling too but just have NOT had time to do it lately. Boo! Love the pic of you and Madi on #9 - both such pretty ladies :)

THANKS for tagging me! Yay!

Unknown said...

I love learning more about you! :)

Thanks for tagging me - I will definitely participate!

I also have a love of pickles and ice cream.. but am not pregnant! ha!

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