Friday, June 10, 2011

Bayou is one of my favorite words.

It's Friday and that means it's time for Boob Tube Babble!

Boob Tube Babble

**Spoiler Alert!!**

#1 - Sister Wives - First let me just say I love this show. It's just soooo different. Every time I watch it I catch myself wondering why & how these women (& Kody) live like they do. I try not to judge though because it's just a different lifestyle. It's how they were brought up so it's what they know.

Anyway! This was a really good episode! The Browns have moved to Las Vegas and each wife is getting their OWN house. What?!! If you follow me on Twitter (brittan27) you probably saw my tweets about this. How on Earth can they afford FOUR house payments?! Especially when only 2 of them work now! I mean I know he drives that sporty Lexus, but four house payments and four cars and a bagillion and one kids. That's insane! It was cool though watching them each pick their houses. I feel bad for Mary for being singled out since she only has 1 kid. It must be hard for her. :( And Robyn's news!!! I'm oddly excited for them...& anxious to see how the other wives take the news.

PS.  I still wonder how Robyn wound up with Kody. Mean? Sorry.

#2 - Swamp People - So, I was up late one night and found that Hulu has every episode of Swamp People! I have heard a lot about this show but I never watch things on the History Channel. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot. Who would have ever thought a show about killing alligators could be entertaining? I just love the accents and it's just totally intriguing. Ha, I'm hooked!!

#2 - Real Housewives of New York City - Phew. I'm nauseous. This episode was insane. I feel like I just got off the world's craziest roller coaster; that or I turned bipolar just by watching this. I love drama and I love reality TV but this is kind of extreme. Shockingly though in this episode (& this episode only) I agreed with Alex (at the dinner party scene) and thought LuAnn was being incredibly rude. Since when is dinner such a big deal? So what if LuAnn paid for it all? She just does it to use against them! Alex typically is my least favorite house wife but in the dinner scene she was definitely right and I probably would have blown up on LuAnn way more than she did. And Kelly - Oh Kelly. Must she always butt into other people's drama? Leave it alone! 

This about sums up how this episode made me feel:

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I guess that's really all the TV I watched this week. I watched a lot of Swamp People. Gotta catch up on the season! 

I have to work Saturday until noon but after that we don't have any plans for the weekend. This makes me happy. Just a teeny bit of work, church on Sunday, and relaxation! At least that's what I'm hoping for! 

Do you have big plans? Or are you looking forward to relaxation, like me?


Heather said...

I've never watched Sister Wives but I do find the concept interesting. I can't find a reason why women would want to willingly enter into such a relationship. Does he really have that much to offer FOUR women?

Holly Diane said...

I watch all of these shows too! Great re-cap!! I could not stay off twitter last night during rhony, I just had to keep adding my two cents worth and then watching as Jill,Ramona and LuAnn twittered their was crazy. Alex just came across as wacko to me, she may mean well but it's her that I feel should mind her own business, it really didn't have anything to do with her and reminded me so much of her "I have a message" episode from Bethenny days..can you say over acting?

Swamp people is one I started watching because my partner Vic got into it, I must admit I kinda like it now even thou without the words at the bottom of the screen I would not understand most of what is being said! ha

Sisterwives is a favorite but Im kind of put off with the new news from Robyn..they have no jobs and talk about money issues yet they are adding more to their plates?

LOVE your blog...thanks for the recaps!

Neely said...

I seriously cant stop watching Sister Wives!

Christina said...

hahah i love swamp people!

Casey said...

I was so addicted to Sister Wives season 1, but must have missed the start of this season so now I'm behind and hesitant to watch! Need to get back into it though, it's really interesting.

NY Housewives are insane - for women who seem so hell-bent on calling themselves classy, they seem to really act classless a lot of the time! Do you watch the other Housewives in other cities as well??

Casey said...

PS I love your blog, and am so glad I came across it though Boob Tube Babble. I'm your newest follower :)

Meagan said...

Thanks for linking up! Why did the sister wives move to Vegas? Weird. They probably get a lot of money for the show now. Rhony was insane! Kelly is so funny "you're not being authentic" "you're not angry, your sad" I would go off on her!

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