Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wife Rant #1

I've been blogging for over a year now. I'm very surprised this is my first "wife-rant" post.

has been sitting here for THREE WEEKS ONE MONTH!!!! 

has been sitting here for ONE WEEK!!!

I work 40+ hours just like he does. I am a firm believer that if you do your laundry, you fold it and put it away too!! I have no problem doing his laundry, but if he is going to do it himself - don't expect me to fold it! When I do it, it's because I have time and energy to do the laundry from top to bottom (wash, dry, fold, put away).

Now, I could just do it myself. But you know that now, it's just "fun" to see how long it will actually take him to fold these baskets of clothes.

Conversation tonight:

Justin - "I'm going on a run."
Me - "Um, okay but I thought you were going to fold your clothes like you said you would last night (and the night before, and the night before that)."
Justin - "I know you don't believe me, but I promise I'll do it tonight when I get back."
Me - "I believe you."

...and I did. But guess what? He's upstairs asleep, or prob actually playing on his iPad.

So, wagers are open - how long do y'all think those baskets will sit there? 'Cause I'm not doing it!

Basket # 1 - I give it to the end of the week (it's gotta be almost empty by now).
Basket #2 - 2 weeks.

What's your guess? Am I crazy? Am I the only wife out there who refuses to do EVERYTHING?


Lauren H Edmondson said...

No you are not alone. My husband has learned that I will happily wash his clothes but putting them up is his own duty, I am NOT his mother. I've started leaving sticky notes that say "Day 1" and "Day 2" and so forth on things that I have told him to put up haha so he can see how many times I've asked him to do it. He just loves this method (sarcasm).

Ashleigh said...

Girl, you are NOT alone. This post is AWESOME. My husband isn't bad about laundry, but he sure is bad about leaving his crap out all the time. Our office looks like a bomb of misc papers and crap exploded. And I hate looking on his side of the bed where dirty clothes reside... thanks for posting!

Rachel said...

Drives. Me. Bonkers. Hubs will be all, "I'll help you with the laundry" and then two days later, I found whatever he washed and dried still in the dryer! OR when he takes out the trash, he never replaces the bags!

Stacy said...

you are lucky enough to have your hubby actually do the laundry...LOL - my hubby claims he doesnt know how I do it - sorting and he just doesnt do it at all!!

Unknown said...

It will sit there until it's empty. I wash and fold all of the clothes. I even hang his clothes. I just leave them folded in a basket on his closet floor, though!

Life With Lauren said...

To funny. I am thinking it will be there til it is empty! I don't know though I do all the cleaning and washing and folding clothes so can't help you there.

silvertag said...

OMG I have this exact problem. It irritates me to no end! My ex was so bad that I used to just dump the clean clothes on the bed after they came out of the dryer. He'd have no choice but to put them away before bed that night. Hide the clothes baskets and see what happens lol.

Neely said...

I have this as a girlfriend rant. THis happens constantly with Chad

Wiz said...

So funny! Ahhhh marraige. This is why I always loved working as well because I never wanted my husband to expect me to do any "wifely" chores that he was just as capable of doing :)After eight years of marraige, it gets much better!

Shari said...

You are totally not alone. My boyfriend is actually pretty good about putting away his laundry, but my problem is more with stuff sitting in the sink/dishwasher. How long does it take to unload a dishwasher? or How long does it take to put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher! The "fun" of living together...

Shelley said...

I have the same issue with my husband. He also has a pile of laundry that keeps getting higher because I won't put all of it away for him and he doesnt care if he gets his clothes from there to wear. Drives me nuts!

Amber said...

I know he's my boyfriend.. but Nate does this same thing. I'm always like, "hey gonna put your clothes up?" drives me crazy! Don't feel bad.. and don't give in and put them away for him! ;)

greenville baby said...

Haha!! AMAZING! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Shoot girl, I’d go crazy if that laundry was just hanging around for a few days, let alone a whole month! I have this crazy feeling that I will always be doing my husband’s laundry (if and when I wed), AND putting it away for him. Mainly because, I like things organized and I don’t trust him to put things away correctly… and when I say him, I am referring to my boyfriend because I can only assume we will be getting married at some point. But good for you for holding your ground! You’re stronger than I am, that’s for sure!

Monique said...

This is a silent war my husband and I have had for years!! In fact we have a basket of his clothes (which I even folded for him) sitting on TOP of his dresser. It has been there for a week and a half. This will never change. I usually put them away for him on the condition that I will NEVER clean a drain or unclog a toilet if he is around :)

Holly Diane said...

OMG it's the same in my house! What is it with folding up laundry and putting it away? I started stacking laundry on the dining table about a year or two ago...needless to say we've never eaten there just became an extention of the laundry room, ugh!

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