Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Marathon Runners

It's a typical Tuesday night. You know, just got home from work, make dinner, bathe toddler, sit around and read or watch tv, go to bed. Well, husband had a different plan for himself - have his friend meet him at our house at 7pm to start a 26 mile run at 8pm across town. First, let's do the math -

26 miles
avg of 8 minute mile
that's 208 = approx. 3.5 hours
Husband home at midnight...on a work night...a man who typically
 requires 351510647601 hours of sleep to function,
which ultimately = DISASTER.

But see - we are women, we think like this. Men do not. Men think oh sure 26 miles, couple hours, hey and let's even leave our phones and our wallets in the truck. No biggy. WRONG.

Except when this girl's husbands knee gives out at mile #18 and husband's friends legs give out because hey, it's been 18 miles and that junks ridic. 

Now these two boys men decide to walk to husband's parents house because it's the closest phone they can get to. Cop sees two men - one with no shirt, walking around a neighborhood close to midnight so he stops them - they explain they were running, cop moves on. Now husband gets to his parent's house and knocks and rings the doorbell and no one answers, so they walk to Wal-Mart down the street and call me at 11:45 at NIGHT to come and get them. (This means, me waking up M, putting her in the car, and driving in the rain and fog to pick up my goofy husband and his friend, take them to their car two towns over and then drive back home. Did I mention we live forever away from anything?! I digress.)

Here's the kicker (besides the fact that my husband owes me BIG) - while at Wal-Mart another cop approaches them and says "hey aren't y'all the marathon runners? Someone from 'insert parent's street here' called about you guys. Said there was someone strange at their house ringing the doorbell." JUSTIN'S PARENTS CALLED THE COPS ON THEM! hahahhahahaha! I die. 

So so so so funny. Justin is never living this one down.

Yes I realize I could have told that in like 3 lines but it's so much funnier this way.  Happy Tuesday!


Rachel said...

Oh my word!! That's hilarious!!!!!!!

Jessica Moore said...

hahahhah I saw this on J's FB status and just died laughing when his mom said she called the cops. Absolutely hilarious!!!

Life With Lauren said...

To funny!

Unknown said...

That is SO funny! I guess they learned their lesson!

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha! This is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Love it! I love when husbands do something so silly that we can never let them live down.

Wiz said...

Oh my gosh. This is so funny!

Amber said...

Oh goodness. I would've been pissed at first, but now it's something you can laugh about. Silly boys!

Neely said...

Guys...jeez! LOL!

Ashleigh said...

that is hilarious! you are one patient lady!

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