Friday, October 7, 2011

Book Club Friday {Week 7}

I finished reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay 2 weeks ago but was too busy to write a review last week. Lame, yes. 

I got the sample of this book to read before buying it because I wasn't really even sure what it was about. I read the sample and was hooked. Here is the description from Goodreads:

Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year-old girl, is brutally arrested with her family by the French police in the Vel' d'Hiv' roundup, but not before she locks her younger brother in a cupboard in the family's apartment, thinking that she will be back within a few hours.
Paris, May 2002: On Vel' d'Hiv's 60th anniversary, journalist Julia Jarmond is asked to write an article about this black day in France's past. Through her contemporary investigation, she stumbles onto a trail of long-hidden family secrets that connect her to Sarah. Julia finds herself compelled to retrace the girl's ordeal, from that terrible term in the Vel d'Hiv', to the camps, and beyond. As she probes into Sarah's past, she begins to question her own place in France, and to reevaluate her marriage and her life. 

This book was hard to read at parts. If it doesn't break your heart, I don't know what will. The depiction of what went on behind those fences at the camps is disturbing beyond words. I think it's important, though, that de Rosnay wrote this book. It's important for people to know what happened, even if this book is Fiction, we all know the holocaust was not. This is a great story and I love the two different perspectives from two different time periods. I highly recommend this book! 

Oh and BONUS! There is a movie!!! I found this out when I was about halfway through the book. I waited a few days and then watched the movie (learned my lesson with The Help) and I loved the movie. It really did a great job of telling the story just as it was in the book. Seeing the horror that went on though was much more difficult than just reading about it.

What good books have y'all been reading? I need a new one to read!


Heather said...

I need to add this one to my list! Thank you for linking up!!

Christina said...

That was our 2nd book club book. I didn't love it... was pretty bored with it actually!

Mandee said...

oh my goodness! get out of my head. we are always reading the same books! I finished this one on Wednesday! I didn't know it was a movie! That's so cool! I'm going to watch it.

Shari said...

Glad to hear you loved the book. I can't wait to start it. :)

Unknown said...

I'll have to put this one on my list!

meghan said...

I read about 3/4 of this in June. It was a really good book, but it got to a certain point where I wasn't as hooked anymore. I think it might have been when she was getting ready to go to America? I can't remember exactly. I really want to go back and finish it. I still in fact have it from the library...

I'm definitely not going to watch the movie until I've read the book.

Heather said...

This has been on my to-read list for a while - I need to hurry up and read it!

Sarah E. said...

I really want to read this one!

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