Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend with the fam!

Gosh, I feel like I haven't really blogged in ages. My excuse is that I worked 48 hours last week, 48.5 the week before, and 50 the week before that. Oh and tomorrow I have the "chance" to work 14 hours. How many should I work!? Hrmm. My paycheck sure was nice this month but 14 hours?? Idk if I can handle that.

So, this weekend was great. It was just what I needed! Friday after work we surprised Madi and took her to Monkey Joe's. (It's one of those bouncy house places.) Justin's brother and his son also met us there. Madi and her cousin had so much fun playing on everything! It was hard to realize that she doesn't need help getting up the slides anymore. So bittersweet! After MJ's we all went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A. It was a great Friday night!

All week we had been planning on taking a trip to Ikea on Saturday. It's about 2 hours away in Charlotte, NC. We love Ikea and wanted to get some things for Madi's birthday present from there. I'll fill y'all in on that in another post. On the way there we realized we haven't used our Carowinds season passes enough this year sooooo why not stop by on the way to Ikea? That's just what we did. Madi LOVED it. She loves rides and although Justin and I couldn't ride anything, we had a great time taking her on the helicopters, boats, trains, etc. Oh and another bonus - we only spent $5 while we were there and that's because I had to have cotton candy.

First ride - the BLUE helicopter! 
I don't even want to recognize how grown up she looks.

The boats with daddy!

On the choo choo train!

Madi was a little worn out once we got to Ikea...

Good thing I needed a bath rug!

Some of you may have seen the shoe organizer from Ikea that I pinned on Pinterest. 

Well I didn't get this one because it was a bit out of our budget, but I did get this for only $25!! I love it!!

image via

Our foyer looks better already! No more shoes all over the place. 

Have you been to Ikea? If not, you must go - NOW! :)


Unknown said...

I'm glad y'all had such a nice weekend! :)

Madi really is growing up! She's so pretty (like her Mama)!

Shari said...

I love that shoe rack for an entryway! So cute! And, for $25? That's such a steal. Madi is getting SO big, but still just as adorable. Hope you are having a nice, relaxing Sunday. :)

Neely said...

LOL to her sleeping at IKEA!

Kristen Thornburg said...

I LOVE IKEA! haha.. wish there was one closer to me!!

Amber said...

Madi looks so cute. I'm like you, I HAVE to have cotton candy :)

Holly said...

Looks like a great weekend to me! Too funny in the IKEA cart :)

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