Monday, November 14, 2011

Madi Moment Monday

Madi stayed with her Pop one day last week and he texted me some of the funny things she said. She has been extra hilarious lately!

Madi "passed gas" (to put it politely) and Pop asked her if she did. She said "yes, sorry about that. ... I'm okay though." :) 

Later that day Pop was leaning over in front of her doing something and she said "Pop, your booty is in my way."

That same day she told him, "I'm having a very hard time staying here." He asked her why and she said "You don't have enough toys."  ... yes, I have my hands full! 

And my favorite of the week that she said at home - I asked her if she was excited that one of my friends was coming over and she looked at me straight in the face with a very serious look on her face and said "Do I look like I'm excited?" OH MY GOSH!! Hello 16 year old Madi. I didn't expect you so soon! I tried my hardest not to laugh, told her that was rude and she shouldn't say that and then continued to chuckle to myself. 


Unknown said...

The last comment is pretty funny - glad you were able to correct her with a straight face!

And the passing has response is hilarious! She is too cute!

Neely said...

LOL Madi is so fabulous!

Rachel said...

Oh. My. Word. Hilarious!! You have your hands full, FOR SURE! That's okay.. I'm right there with you!

Life With Lauren said...

Oh my goodness she is so funny! The first one really got me the things they say:)

Kelly said...

Hah!!! Love her little comments :-D "I'm having a hard time staying here" Hahahaha! She is going to love hearing/reading these some day... :-)

Shari said...

She's hysterical. :) Love all of her comments.

meghan said...

Oh this cracks me up. Since you do these all the time (they're one of my favorites from you), I wanted to share a story that a co-worker shared.

She has a 3 year old (2? not sure how old). Her name is Emily, and the other night Susan was putting her to bed and reading a story and Emily was asking for more milk over and over in a silly way or in a childish way. Susan was just laying there ignoring her because she had already had her milk. Emily sat up, put her hands on each side of Susan's face and said "Susan. Listen to me. I want more milk" in a serious voice. Susan said it scared her to death and she went to get her more milk before the next day realizing that's what she does to Emily when she wants her to listen. Isn't that great?!

Amber said...

I hope my kids are as funny as Madi is! She cracks me up!

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