Tuesday, December 27, 2011


HOW is the Christmas weekend over already?? :(

I had a wonderful Christmas. We went to the NewSpring Christmas service on Friday night and then volunteered all day Saturday. Sunday we opened presents and then went to my in laws for family time and presents for the kids. It was a great day!

And it didn't hurt that I got just what I asked for! :)

MK iPhone Zip Wallet

VS Flannel PJs
maybe next year Santa can make me look like this.

zebra Snuggie!!

and my favorite gift:

A painting from Madi.

What did you get for Christmas?


Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

I adore MK!


Michelle said...

LOVE MK! And Madi's painting is beautiful! Such a sweet gift!

Unknown said...

I love it all! Glad you had a good Christmas!

tara said...

Looks like a great christmas! Love me some MK!

Erin said...

What a perfect Christmas! Glad it was a good one! But it really did go by way too quickly, which is why I'm catching up on blogs at work :)

Molly S. said...

Ah how fun. Love the pajamas, and wish Santa could deliver a body like that too. Maybe I should lay off the pounds of candy & pop I've consumed this weekend! Hope you have a happy New Year!!!

erica said...

Looks like you received some fabulous gifts. Loving the wallet! xo

Ashley said...

Great stuff! LOVE the painting from Madi! So sweet!

krystal said...

my snuggie has gotten some use over the years! haha

Neely said...

Love the painting so sweet :)

Amber said...

Now if only we'd have gotten Clarisonics, it'd be complete! :)

Kelly said...

Great presents!! LOVE the painting from Madi too :-) So sweet!

Life With Lauren said...

Gotta love anything MK! That painting Madi did was amazing and so sweet!

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