Friday, February 3, 2012

The Friday Five

I saw this on a blog and although the host isn't doing it anymore, I'm gonna! It looks like fun. :)

The Friday Five:

1. What I'm reading: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Okay, I have read ALL of her books and all of the Shopaholic series but I can't get into this book. Maybe it's because I've taken a very long hiatus from Chick-Lit to read more intellectual (?) books like Sarah's Key, The Hunger Games, and Water for Elephants; or, maybe it's just not that great of a book. I'm going to try to finish it though because I paid $12 and for an ebook - that's a lot!!

2. What I'm listening to: No Other Name by NewSpring Worship! I love, love, love this cd!! Our church released this album last week and it was #4 on iTunes (under Christian music) almost immediately! Go here to get it!

3. What I'm watching: How I Met Your Mother. Oh my gosh why am I just now watching this show?? I'm on Season 2 (thank you Netflix) and I can't stop watching it. Hilarious!!!

4. What I'm eating: Okay I have no idea why but I have been obsessed with oranges lately. They are SO good! Who knew?? Only downfall they have is that I can't eat them while blogging or reading because they are super messy. Boo.

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5. What I'm pinning: Recipes, mostly! Madi and I made these adorable monkey cupcakes a few weekends ago. They turned out great and we had so much fun!


Neely said...

Isnt HIMYM the best ever? We constantly watch it!

Stephanie said...

Those monkey cupcakes are precious! What are those, vanilla wafers? And yes How I Met Your Mother is ah-mazing. An old roommate of mine introduced me, and I can't get enough.

Shari said...

Those cupcakes are so adorable! :)

Angie said...

Those cupcakes are so adorable!!

Just Jen said...

ADORE the cupcakes! I'm going to have to make those for Morgan's birthday. I call him "Monkey".

Unknown said...

I'm still super bummed about the book. I'm not sure why I haven't read it yet?

Those cupcakes are adorable!

Kristin said...

I don't like chick lit at all, but I do love Sophie Kinsella. I liked Mini-Shopaholic, but I think my favorite was Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.

Unknown said...

I'm linking up too!:) I love HIMYM and those monkey cupcakes.. Thanks for bringing this one back!~

Heather said...

Mini Shopaholic was my least fave of her books. I'm excited for her new one in a few Weeks!

We just started watching HIMYM too and I love it!

Kelly said...

I've only read the first Shopoholic book and to be honest, I couldn't get into the series. I hated how it was like, "Oh poor me, I keep spending money that isn't mine.. blah blah" ;-) HIMYM is the BEST show! Glad you're enjoying it. Have a great weekend, Britan!

Ruth said...

I had a hard time getting into Mini Shopoholic too. I managed to finish it but it was no where near as good as the rest in the series.
I am glad you are enjoying HIMYM.

Carrin said...

I was a late bloomer to the HIMYM party also. Now I'm hooked! It is so freakin' funny. I love how all the characters interact with each other.
I have been in on the orange craze for he last month or so. Each week I buy myself a bag of the Cuties clementines. Such a fun easy snack!

Bizi Ferguson said...

Love your blog and your baby girl is darling! Glad I found this! Now following :)


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