Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday. :)

So What! if...

  • I stay up late and then complain about being tired the next day. I need my "me" time!
  • I just spent $15 on a keychain. It's super cute and monogrammed. Important, duh.
  • my husband automatically questions my use of WebMd anytime I self-diagnosis.
  • I eat pb&j way more now than I did when I was a kid.
  • I get excited when I don't have any plans for a weekend.
  • it's Summer. I'll only go outside when absolutely necessary. Nature = yuck.
  • Mother's Day is over. I desperately want a Gussy Sews tote! *hint, hint hubby*
What are you saying So What! to this week?


Lauren said...

Love this link up!! I love no plans on the weekend! :)


Shannon Dew said...

After this poison ivy experience i'm thinking of staying inside all summer too!

Ashley said...

I'm saying 'so what' to the fact I spent WAY too much on a massage - when you're prego you have to treat yourself right?!

ps I do the exact same thing as you - stay up too late and am just exhausted the next morning! Vicious cycle :-)

Angie said...

You don't like nature? OMG I'd die if I didn't get to come out of the house. We are exact opposites there my friend!!!!

Totally get the stay up too late. That is my me time too and I wouldn't make it without it. My doc also makes fun of me for Web Md. I'm always self diagnosing!!!

Unknown said...

I stay inside during the summer too! The heat and humidity do a number on me and I can't handle it.

Unknown said...

I'm not a huge "summer" fan. I like cozy days by the fire. I really prefer not to sweat unless I'm working out.

Christina said...

i love having no plans!!! so exciting haha. next time you do'nt, you should drive down to chs and hang out with meeeeeee. bring your little one too! i want to meet her :)

Anonymous said...

I am the same way with WebMD, it's really NOT good...I once convinced myself I had a brain tumor. =/ Needless to say, I was scolded by the Dr. for looking at WebMD.

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