Monday, July 30, 2012

MMM: Prayers & Stinky Feet

Guess what? It's Monday. Don't cry, one good thing about Monday's is a Madi Moment!!

The other night we were driving home and Madi asked me if she could say a prayer. I said yes, stopped the car (I was in a parking lot) and she prayed. She thanked Jesus for keeping her game on while we were in the store. This warmed my heart. The fact that my three year is asking to pray is just awesome!

She also remembered her memory verse she learned at church last Sunday. I'm so proud of her!

Another cute moment this week: We were lying in bed last night and she said "mommy, your feet stink." I said "they do not." We went back and forth a few times and then she said "let's just get going." I said huh? and she said "that's another way of saying let's stop talking about it." Ha! Where does she get this stuff?

Hope y'all have a great Monday - I will - it's my birthday week!!!!  YAY!!


Tiffany said...

awwww. That is so sweet, and funny! Sydney has little things that she says and I can't help but look at her and wonder where on earth she got it. I really should write them down so that I can post them! Lol

Unknown said...

The feet thing is hilarious!
And how sweet that she wanted to pray :)

Amber said...

Hahaha, let's just get going! That's hilarious :)

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