Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Me. Bed. Food Network. Brownies. Ahhhhhh.

Sometimes it's nice being alone.

The 4.5 hour drive to Columbus was a bit long. My lovely GPS decided to take me the scenic route, which was nice, but country roads mean lots of old, slow trucks. During my worst boredom streaks I thought of names for children I do not have. This was pretty entertaining; however, I of course, wanted to write out the monograms.

Why is it that society is so shocked when someone is out alone? I ate at a "sit-down" restaurant by myself for the first time ever tonight. The hostess was surprised, the waitress was surprised, and I felt the need to explain why I was alone. Pretty ridiculous that we all feel this way. Of course I kept myself occupied/not-so-awkward by talking on the phone, tweeting, & facebooking. Maybe tomorrow night I'll try to just sit there with my thoughts and leave the social media for a bit.

I facetimed Madi & Justin and now I'm enjoying my down-time in the hotel room with Cupcake Wars and brownies.

Alone time is good. Mama needed a break.


Shari said...

Alone time is definitely good! Much needed from time to time. :)

Tiffany said...

Hahaha. I think of baby names for nonexistent children on road trips too! Thanks to our Christmas trip to Wisconsin we now know the names of our next child! Lol
I hope you are enjoying your alone time!!!

Christina said...

Enjoy your break!

Unknown said...

Sounds nice! I did that at OG one time and I felt like everyone pitied me. I sat and read my book :)

Amber said...

That sounds like perfection! Can I come eat brownies and watch Food Network with you?! :)

Life With Lauren said...

Alone time can be nice! Sounds good I would be watching tv with cookies though:) Have fun!

Megan said...

I definitely think alone time is SO nice!! That's why I love being married to a fireman...I get nights to myself! Haha!!

Anonymous said...

I love alone time. Some of my favorites are when I go to a movie alone, or eat out by myself. It's so wonderful to get the time to just think.


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