Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soap Box

I am tired of people judging me all the time so I’m just going to lay this all out there…

#1 – I am probably getting a dog tonight.

#2 – Yes, I have had numerous dogs in the past. No, I do not still have them.

#3 – Every dog I’ve had, I’ve rescued from a shelter. I gave them new homes or returned them to the shelter so they could find the perfect home for them. I have never hurt a dog or left a dog without a home.

#4 – I have found a smaller dog that I think will be perfect for our family. I think Madi will do great with him too. I’d like to be happy about this and have my friends share in our happiness, but instead everyone is just not accepting to the idea.

I do not see how ME getting a dog affects anyone else. So, for the record – yes, I am getting another dog and NO I don’t care for your ridiculous opinion of my choices in life.


And for those of you who are just happy to hear the word dog – I’ll post a pic tomorrow if we get him. :)


Nikki said...

You seriously needed to post this? SERIOUSLY!? How in the world is your family's decision to get a dog a problem for other people. That is the most intrusive thing. Do they have to potty train it? Do they have to buy the food? Do they have to walk it? Do they have to clean up it's messes? Do they have to pay the vet bill? No? THEN SHUT UP!!!

I can't wait to see photos. Do you have a name picked out yet?

Amber said...

As long as you're showing love, then who cares?! People need to not judge you. You're offering the dogs a loving home when they could be with an abusive owner or even in line to be euthanized at a pound. I can't wait to see a pic of the new doggy :)

momFITtingitallin said...

Most of our animals have been rescues as well and I mean I have had A LOT of them. Lets see one dog I had for YEARS a friend of my mothers really wanted him - she gave him more time I gave him away, we adopted NOT one but two kittens - they just didn't fit well with our family - found them loving homes, we got the kids goats for Easter last year - now they stay at my grandparents. Then I wanted to get the kids a bunny for this easter - I got him but not before everyone voiced their opinions but you know what - I have always loved the animals and to be honest the ones we gave away they LOVE their new owners - a win win!! SO get your dog and if it doesn't work I am sure you will find another wonderful home for it.


Jacquie said...

DOG! I can't believe you needed to post this! I love animals and have gotten annoying people because of my choices too. I had 2 older dogs and one younger one when I moved into my appartment, the older dogs went to live with a friend, which was a better spot for them, because of a yard and not 2 flights of stairs to climb up, and I still visited them until they passed. They were happy and loved.
I can't wait to see pictures of the new dog!

Amanda said...

Why are people so ridiculous!? Seriously.. What's the big deal that YOUR family is getting a dog?? Oye.. I'm excited to see the picture!!

Angie said...

People love drama!!!
Can't wait to see pics of the dog :)

Kandi said...

i feel like we're in a parallel universe reading this post. the last dog i owned, i rescued from a breeder after he was pretty much "too sick to sell, unable to sell so unfit to live" ... it died. the vet couldn't save it. AND when he died, FIVE, yes FIVE people deleted me from facebook. people i know IRL. ridiculous. and i've never killed an animal. i've returned 2 dogs or found them a new home.

ugh. sorry for the mini rant, but i totally feel you on this one. good luck with your new puppy, i hope everything works out!

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