Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm allowed to not be happy sometimes...

This Monday started off great – I sang in the car with Madi, stopped at Starbucks, and got to work without much traffic. Then it slowly spiraled down…

The cleaning crew THREW AWAY my $20 lunch box over the weekend. Who throws away a lunch box?!?!!? Oh but they left the rotting fruit in the fridge… makes sense to me.

I looked like a cow in the Boss’ Day pictures from last week. Why didn’t anyone tell me not to wear that dress again?! Someone give me another hour in the day so I can go to the gym, oh and another $50 a month.

I’m still upset about the playground incident yesterday. Kids are mean. I don’t want my daughter going to school. Kid on the playground yesterday kept pestering her because she wouldn’t talk. Madi is smart. She knows who she wants to talk to and who she doesn’t. Go away, mean kid.

I promise I’ll be happier later but right now I’m just aggravated. And you know what? That’s okay sometimes.

Edit: God always knows just what I need to hear, not necessarily want, but need to hear. This is from my devotion this morning:

Dear Lord, please help me take my thoughts captive, and focus on things that are pleasing to You. Please give me the desire to control my thoughts and maintain a Godly perspective about the circumstances in my life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

So I've vented and now it's time to have a better day.


Life With Lauren said...

As terrible as it is for that kid to be mean I think it is even worse the parent did not step in! what kind of parent lets the kid act like that? I can't believe somebody threw away your lunch box! Hope the rest of the day gets better!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe someone threw your lunch box away or better yet, possibly took it. Look out for it.

That mean kid should be taught by his parents to not act like that. I was quiet too like Madi so I didn't talk to everyone. Once in HS I was told I looked mean. I was just sitting there not saying anything and I looked mean?

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