Friday, January 22, 2016

The Friday Five: 1/22/16

Work is slow today so I figured I would post a little post. The Friday Five is pretty simple and fun so here you have it:

1. What I'm Reading: 

I just finished reading Lindsey Stirling's freshly new book, The Only Pirate at the Party. I assume everyone knows who Lindsey Stirling is but if you do not, get on the internet people!! (Disclosure: I had never heard of her until about 2 years ago. Paul told me he wanted to go to her concert. I bought tickets. He has good taste.) Lindsey is my bff an electronic violinist which basically means she kicks butt. She dances while playing the violin, well. Her book is about her childhood and experience getting to where she is now. I really learned a lot about who she is as a person and appreciate her music even more after reading the book. She's a down-to-earth person. No, really - she still drives a 2002 Toyota Echo. She's REAL y'all.

2. What I'm Eating:

What am I not eating is a better prompt. Currently I'm unhealthily obsessed with Subway's double chocolate chip cookies. I go into Subway and the deli dude frantically puts his gloves on so he can make me a sandwich. I just keep walking and grab the cookies and he's like wait, what? Yeah. That happened twice.

3. What I'm Listening to:

You probably could have guessed this - Lindsey Stirling. It makes excellent concentration music while I eat my cookies.

I can't figure out the name of the album, but the cover looks like this:

When I'm driving my 70 mile commute each day, I listen to old NewSpring sermons on the NewSpring app. I have found that I do a much better paying attention to the road when I have something to listen to. I do have a problem getting "bored" while driving so this has helped and I have learned a lot to help my emotional/spiritual state as well. Check it out. (It's free!)

4. What I'm Buying:

I love my home state. I just do. But my husband has so gently pointed out that we no longer live in South Carolina. I have decided to embrace this. I purchased a North Carolina Simply Southern garden flag today. I think he will be proud. {But no, I am not removing all my palmetto tree/SC decor that covers our kitchen.}

5. Memes I'm Loving:

Tell me you haven't thought this. 

I work in Insurance so... 
but really.

Grumpy Cat is the only cat I like.

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Stay safe if you're getting hit with this crazy winter storm.


Melanie Smith said...

I love grumpy cat so much. And memes. Memes are like my bff.

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