Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To Remember...

I saw this on a friend's instagram and decided it's something I want to do too. I figured doing it in a blog post is just as easy to track.

To Carson:

I want to remember...

that every single night for the past 176 nights, you have fallen asleep on my chest.

that when I try to sing to you, you pop your little head up and give me the biggest grin.

that the minute your clothes come off you kick, smile, and wiggle like all is right in the world.

that when you nurse, you prop your foot up on my chest like it's a foot rest.

that you rub my arm at night when you're falling asleep.

Additions as of 6/20/18:

that your Dada lights up your whole entire world.

that when you see your sisters you smile and laugh like you do with no one else.

that you are so full of life and energy and personality.

that every time I am on the phone you say "Hi Dada!" even if it's not Dada.

that you rip off your diaper any chance you get.

that the only time you sit still is to read a book.


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