Monday, May 13, 2019

Faith Wins

Today, PMDD is winning. Today, I feel defeated. Today, I feel alone. Today, I feel isolated. Today, I feel invisible. Today, I feel uncomfortable. Today, I feel rejected. 

Four days out from starting my period - it's right on time. PMDD never misses a beat. It doesn't forget a month. It doesn't lose track of time. It doesn't go on vacation. Or even worse - it DOES go on vacation (with you).

Today, PMDD is winning - rather, right now PMDD is winning. But, it's not going to take my entire day. I won't let it. Right now, I'm kicking it to the curb. I'm telling it to take a backseat and leave me alone. I'm praying to God to take over and take control. 

Right now, my faith will prevail. Right now, I will receive the comfort that only God can provide. Right now, I will see myself as God sees me. Right now, I will embrace the love that God has for me. Right now, I will know I am accepted by the One who matters most. Right now, I will overcome.


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