Wednesday, July 7, 2010

App Love

Is it naive of me to assume that by now most everyone has either an iPhone or an iTouch?? Hopefully that's a true assumption.

I get so bored trying to search through the App Store to find a new app, so I thought I'd share some of my top favorite apps with y'all. (Besides the obvious ones like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

In no particular order...

#1 - People Magazine App, $1.99
I am a celebrity news junkie so this app is my guilty pleasure. It has all of the latest celebrity gossip/news stories, as well as recent photos and celebrity info. Totally worth the $1.99.

#2 - Teach Me, Toddler Version, $.99

No, this one isn't for me! My step-sister showed me this app and I really don't remember dinners out without it. My daughter LOVES it. Every day she says "game, game!" It keeps her entertained while teaching her her colors, shapes, and letters. This is the preschool version. They also have a kindergarten version.

#3 - iheartradio, free!

This app allows me to listen to my favorite local morning radio show while I'm at work. No need to mess with an aggravating clock radio. Headphones in and all is good!

#4 Bookworm, $2.99

This app is a great way to pass the time. The "books" feature gives you words to search for to make it more challenging. I played it all the time until I found them all. I even took a picture of my achievement (nerdy much?).

#5 - iBooks, free*

Okay so I haven't actually used this app on the iPhone yet but I have used it on the iPad. This app just came out for the iPhone. It's only compatible with the IOS 4 software update though. I absolutely loved it on the iPad and I'm sure I will love it on the iPhone too. The kids books are great entertainment for the little ones as well.

*The app is free. Books to add to your bookshelf generally cost about $12-$15. There are a wide range of free books also.

These are my top apps. What are yours?


Jillian said...

you know i have to comment this...

in reference to the first sentence of this blog...

YES! ;)

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