Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Weekend!

Is it Friday yet????

YES! I can finally say yes to this question. I think I've been asking this since Tuesday. This has been the longest week. I worked almost 50 hours and didn't get my normal 1/2 day Friday. :( But, at least it's the weekend now!!! What are you guys doing this weekend? I think we are going to be low-key, possibly go to the pool and have a movie marathon. But enough's time for 5 Question Friday!

Here we go:

1. What were your school colors?
High school or college? High school they were silver & green. We were the Silver Foxes. I had absolutely 0 school spirit. 
College colors were purple and white. I went to an all women's private liberal arts college and our mascot was the koala! So funny! I loved college though and probably had a little bit too much school spirit!

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?
The best compliment I ever received was probably that I'm a good mother. Being a good mother is #1 on my list and it just makes me feel so good to know that I'm raising my daughter right!

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
Well, I don't buy the cheap stuff because it's just not useable in my opinion and not the expensive stuff because who needs quadruple-ply toilet paper?? I buy middle of the road, just what you need toilet paper. And I ALWAYS buy the exact same kind. One time hubs came home with some other kind of tp and I almost returned it! 

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else?
My mom tried to throw me a surprise pool party when I was younger but I figured it out that same day. She bought these ice cream cups and I kept bugging her for them and I guess I was pretty persistent so she finally told me they were for my party. Guess I blew that one!

I've never thrown anyone a surprise party but I really want to one day! Probably for hubs!

5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?
I don't know if this is considered a material possession but I really couldn't live without my iPhone! I use it for EVERYTHING - texting, checking the weather, checking movie times, directions, address book, alarm clock, social networks (ie: fb, twitter), camera, etc. Seriously, it's my lifeline.

Now it's your turn! Make sure to link up here after you post your entry!


Cool Gal said...

Someone complimenting you on being a good mother is the best compliment ever. That is very special.

Expensive t.p. all the way. So with you on that one!

I just wanted to let you know that I think your daughter is adorable. Precious.

A Babbling Brunette said...

Aw thank you!

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