Friday, September 3, 2010

Sober Lessons Learned

Thursday night I, unexpectantly, went to the Carolina Gamecocks (woot!) vs. Southern Mississippi football game! My best friend from college, Melanie & I went after work and had a really great time.

The thing is, before last night I hadn't been to a football game since my sophomore year of college!! That was almost 6 years ago!! Things are a bit different when you are sober. I'd like to share with you, some lessons I learned:

1. People watching is a sport. While walking 2 miles in high heels (I left from work) I really needed to find something to take my mind off of the pain. We played the "is that person drunk or just awkward" game and found it really amusing. :)

2. Do not, under any circumstances, appear to be lost. Drunk men will run to your "rescue" and try to tell you how to get to where you are going, all the while, spitting on you and getting in your personal space. Lovely.

3. High fives from randoms are completely normal.

4. While walking through the crowd someone WILL grab your hand and hold it for about 5 seconds and mumble something like "hey good lookin" and then stumble on their way. Again, this is also completely normal and you should not let this alarm you.

Now that I've learned a few important things, I think I'm ready for my next sober football game...from my couch. :)



Morgan Elizabeth Yarborough said...

I can't wait for you to come with me to a Clemson football game! Then you'll really experience football like it's supposed to be experienced!!

T.K Banderley said...

Great blog!

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