Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Fall Favorites

Is it really Tuesday??

Top 2 Favorite Things about Fall!

#1 - Black & White Hot chocolate from Starbucks

This stuff kills my waistline, but oh my gosh it's delicious!!

#2 - Hoodies & Jeans

I'm not gonna lie. I love to wear a hoodie and a pair of jeans. It's just so cozy. It may not be cute but I could live in it.

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Kandi said...

i am a victim of the hoodie. :) loooooove them, live in them! luckily, victoria's secret has some super cute ones.... i own probably 30 hoodies. and i can't stop. they're the best!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

stopping in from top 2 tuesday to say hi!! i'm your newest follower!

feel free to join us on our journey as we prepare to welcome a baby girl into our family..

Aimee of East Avenue said...

I've never had that kind of drink from Starbucks but I will have to try it! I'm a big fan of one of their other hot chocolates, can't remember the name though. Great picks!

Paula said...

I love Starbucks during the fall, yummy. Hoodies and jeans have become a staple in my life now that I stay home with my boy. Great top picks.

Found ya at TOP 2 TUESDAY! Great blog!

Ruth said...

I never tried that at Starbucks. But I love the caramel apple cider.

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