Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Party Favors

Madi's birthday invitations have arrived!

They turned out better than I expected! Shutterfly did a great job!

I mentioned a while back that I was planning on having M's party at Monkey Joe's, a bouncy house. Well, hubs & I decided to wait a few more years for that. We are going to have her party at a local playground. It is much cheaper and this way I feel like we can invite her friends, but also other adults and all have a great time. Also, I don't have to worry about how many kid I invite and don't have to plan games or activities. The kids can play until they are all tired out! 

With Madi's birthday party fast approaching I'm starting to stress a bit. I'm inviting about 16-20 kids, so here's my stressor - party favors are going to be insanely expensive. I just don't want to give out a bag filled with random odds & ends, because honestly when M gets those I just toss it. I'm serious. She is never going to play with a spinning top for more than 2 minutes & I don't want to have to store that stuff. I'm sorry if this too honest. :) In all fairness, I do let her keep the stickers. 

I thought about giving each child a coloring book with crayons; however, this would still cost me about $40 and some of the kids are too old for that. Ahhhh. What to do, what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 



ashley @ little miss momma said...

Your little one is so so so adorable! and those invites are super cute too!

Shari said...

I love the invitation. So cute! :) About the party favors, that's a tough one. I agree that there is no reason to keep "junk" around and you don't want to be the parent adding to the "junk" collection. I'm curious as to what you come up with.

Nicole said...

I'd love to find out peoples ideas!

And those invites came out awesome!

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the "no junk" goody bag. It the past, I've given beta fish ($1ish ea.) for a pirate party, bug boxes ($1) for a butterfly party, fill your own bag for a candy-theme party. Have you checked the Dollar Spot at Target? I love the invites.

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