Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot-lanta Recap

Weekend recap as promised!

Girl's weekend was a success, with a slight bump in the road - Felony Melanie, as I like to call her (name that movie!), could not make it after all. We sure did miss her, but Carrie, Madi, & I still had a great time. Hot-lanta was not ready for us! Our late night of jumping on the beds, eating chocolate, and reading gossip magazines was surely more than that city could handle. The next day proved to be more than my wallet could handle.

The mall didn't open until later so I took Carrie to lose her Ikea virginity. She didn't do as much damage as I did when I lost mine, but two pillows later she was a very happy girl. After that we headed to Northpoint Mall and that's where I became the kid in a candy store. Oh it was heavenly. Let me set this up for you: Apple Store, Forever 21, Pottery Barn Kids & American Girl. All of which we do not have in lovely Columbia, SC. I bought one of hubby's Christmas presents at the Apple Store (of course!), a super comfy sheer cardigan at F21, Madi played at PBK, and well the American Girl store is another paragraph on it's own. See? :

I have been dreaming of taking my baby girl to the AG store since I found out I was pregnant (& yes, before I knew the sex of my baby). I never had an AG doll when I was little, but my cousin did and I just loved it. Much to my dismay, Madi was not quite as excited about the dolls themselves, as she was about the accessories. HOWEVER, I'm just positive that come Christmas morning she will be so so so happy about her new Bitty Baby, starter kit, & baby bath tub. I just know it. And she will most certainly appreciate the fact that it all came from American Girl rather than Target (where I could have spent less than half of the $$ on the same stuff). Right? Right?

Hiding her smile and showing that belly.

Sweet girl.

Well, I'm happy anyway. I think once she's a bit older having a real American Girl baby will mean something to her. At least I hope so, because that is all she's getting for, at least that's what I told her daddy so that he would let me buy the oh so special doll. :)

I will say it was quite a shock when I saw a baby bath tub that came with lots more accessories at Target for $10 and I paid 3 times that at AG. gasp. I cannot look back. AG is 4 hours away, so returns are not an option. 

Here are a few pics of Madi in Pottery Barn Kids. I just love their realistic looking toys.

We had tons of fun and Madi was a real trooper with all of our shopping & driving over the weekend. Louise, however, almost got thrown out of the window a few times. I swear, GPS's are not my favorite things. I think Louise needs to be replaced, that or I just need to pay attention.



Lauren H Edmondson said...

Aww, I adore American Girls. I had Samantha when I was little and I got all of the accessories except the bed and such. I was quite dismayed when I saw that they have discontinued my doll. I am sure Madi will adore her Bitty Baby!

Shari said...

Madi is so cute! Looks like you guys had a fabulous girls weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

i love american girls!!!! the best dolls ever!!!!madi is so cute! My favorites were Samantha and Molly.
Miss ya!

Kelly said...

What a fun weekend!! And what ADORABLE pictures of Madi at the Pottery Barn :-) Did you have an American Girl as a kid? I had Molly Doll and OF COURSE she will love her Bitty Baby :-)

Ruth said...

What a fun weeekend

Mrs. Werginz said...

I'm glad you had fun in my town!! AG is uhmazing!! Karl and I say how we will be poor if we have a girl because of that store! :)

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