Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Favorite Jobs

Oh what a Tuesday! And I'll leave it at that! :)
Top 2 Tuesday - Favorite Jobs

#1 - Accounting    
Oh how I miss this job!!!!! I worked in Accounting at a car dealership in Anchorage, Alaska and absolutely loved it! The job fit me to a "t" and my co-workers were the best! I still keep in touch with almost everyone and miss them all. Our department was really small and all women so we had a great time together. My bosses actually threw me a baby shower and it still means so much to me that they did that. I was so far away from home and they were like my family! I miss the work too. I liked using my analytical tendencies and working with all of the numbers. Considering I have my degree in English, that's a shocker to me!
#2 - Insurance Underwriter/Data Entry - my current job
I worked here before I moved to Alaska and was so sad to leave. I didn't think I would find another job like this but I did! & lucky me, I was able to come back here once we moved back home. I once again, have great co-workers and managers. I enjoy the work as well. I like typing away and not having to talk on the phone. I am completely content with sitting at my desk all day and entering away! It's actually quite relaxing. I feel so lucky to have had such a great history with jobs. My bosses really care about me and understand that I have a family. It's nice to work in such a great environment!
Hang in there guys, hump day is just around the corner!



Mrs. Werginz said...

You've lived in Alaska? WOW!! I learned something about you!

Kelly said...

That is really awesome that you've had such wonderful, likeable jobs!! I bet Anchorage was a fun place to live!! :-D

Kelly said...

So glad to hear you like your job! It really makes life better when you love what you do. :)

Ruth said...

My degree is in accounting.

JPO said...

I manage HR for an Insurance company.....so I KNOW you underwriting types! :) hehe

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