Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Okay...

I saw this over at Diary of a Newlywed and thought it was a pretty neat idea.  She got it from another blogger who got it from Glamour magazine.

It's Okay...

to be petrified of a thunderstorm even though I'm 26 years old.

to let my daughter eat cookies and watch tv for hours when I don't feel well.

to put pajamas on as soon as I get home from work (well, lately this is actually acceptable considering I get home at 8pm).

to cry while watching a Miley Cyrus movie.

to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because even though it's complete drama.

this storm is reallllyyy scary!!!!

to sing at the top of my lungs to 90s music with my best friend.

to eat raw cookie dough and then complain about how fat I am.

to slip up sometimes, as long as I rely on God to put me back on track.

to have bff's that I've only hung out with once or twice.

to watch Criminal Minds and then make my husband walk me upstairs and check the closets before bed.

Someone please tell me whyyy I used to miss thunderstorms in Anchorage? Have I mentioned these things are scaaarryyy?!? (& that I'm a chicken)



Jessica Moore said...

:) I heard y'all were getting some bad weather! Hope you weathered the storm ok. I am in total agreement with you on all these!

Kelly said...

Sorry the thunderstorm is scary :-( The FIRST thing the husband and I BOTH do (after unloading the dishes together) when we get home is take showers and get into our PJs... funny :-)

Mrs. Werginz said...

I hate thunderstorms too!! They are super scary...especially when they shake the house! The whole have your husband check tjhe closets sounds liek me...I watch all those murder shows and Snapped and Karl says it's no wonder I'm a scaredy cat! haha

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