Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit awkward, a little bit awesome

Okay so I'm "borrowing" something fun from Little Miss Momma. I just found her blog today and I love it! She did this post called "a little bit awkward, a little bit awesome"and it looked like too much fun to pass up! So, here's my version...


Walking into the restroom the same time as my co-worker who sits right next to me.

More awkward - walking into the restroom the same time as my boss.

When I'm on the phone with someone I don't know that well and we both keep talking at the exact same time.

Waving "back" to someone only to later realize they weren't waving to me, but to the person behind me.

When I pull up at a stop light and me and the person in the car next to me both realize we're trying not to look at each other. (Does this only happen to me!?)

Little Miss Momma had this one on her list too & it's definitely happened to me a few times! - When I meet a friend's spouse and they go in for a hug, but I go in for a hand shake and we end up doing a weird handshake/hug thing. Sooo uncomfortable!!

Grabbing the loudest buggy in the store and having people stare at me as I pass by.


When Madi pats my back while I'm hugging her.

Finding out I don't have to work OT afterall! (wish this would have happened today...)

Hearing my 23 mth old daughter say her abc's (allllll of them!!) and count to 12!!!

Getting a $10 off coupon from Victoria's Secret for my birthday, that was 3 months ago.

Getting new mascara.

Desperate Housewives this season! It's soooo good!

& finally...picking up my baby girl after a 10 hour work day & 12 hours away from her.

and a little bit of not so awesome:

Carrie Underwood did not win Best Female Vocalist of the Year. I'm sad.



how i met your father blog said...

omg i love your awkwards... i totally agree!! and getting new mascara?! top on my list of AWESOME!

Just Jen said...

Nice list, Brittan. I am totally with you on the handshake/hug thing.....

Shari said...

Cute post. I like this idea. :)

Unknown said... the whole waving to someone who you 'think' is waving at you, I have done this one way too many times. Also, I have given up on picking out the buggy, I usually get the one that has a stuck wheel and a rattle...beyond annoying! But all those things that are awkward and weird are erased by everything awesome! Hope you are having a great day!

Sandra said...

This was fun! Great idea for a blog post!
Yeah, the hugging/hand shake thing = awkward!

Kelly said...

LOL your awkward's cracked me up!

Unknown said...

Good morning from Tokyo, Brittan!

I love this idea of "awkward vs. awesome". How good is it that you can easily put things down on paper (so to speak) to get a little perspective on things? It may be a good daily exercise to try~thanks for sharing with us all!

A lovely day to you and yours...



Ruth said...

I hate the waving thing too.

I love getting the coupons in from Victoria's Secret too.

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