Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday: Cleaning & Organization Tips

Top 2 Tuesday: Top 2 Cleaning & Organization Tips & Tricks

#1 - Cleaning - Removing Spit-Up

I had to learn this trick fast when I became a mom. Madi had terrible acid reflux (so bad that we actually had to use full size bath towels as bibs). So, spit-up was a new guest in our house for about 6 months. To get it out of furniture or carpet mix together equal parts baking soda & warm water (or club soda), pour a small amount onto a cloth and scrub surface. It works like a charm!

#2 - Organization - Use clear containers for food storage

This one is on Taylor's post, but it's so great I listed it also. Transferring foods from the original boxes into smaller, stylish containers can really transform a space. For example, instead of keeping your nutrigrain bars in the box put them in a clear container. This way it looks more appealing and is actually more accessible as well.  FYI - My favorite place to shop for organizational items is The Container Store!

Hope these tips were helpful. I can't wait to read all of yours!


Mariel Collins said...

picture frames sound awesome! Thanks for following!

Kit said...

I like to store my things in clear containers too! Great tips!

black tag diaries said...

love me some clear containers:)

The Undomestic Mom said...

great tips1

Mrs. Werginz said...

I could go broke at the container store! So many things I need...want?!

Mamarazzi said...

i HEART the container store. and that baby barf clean up trick is one i will most def remember!

Kelly said...

OOH!! I will have to try the spit up remedy! I have been following Peanut around with a spray bottle of watered down Dreft! lol

Marcie Chavez said...

I need to check out the container store. Great tips!

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