Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Girl Bed & Dress Shopping!

Oh what did we do this weekend? I need to start keeping a daily journal...wait, that's what this is supposed to be. Whoops!

I honestly have no clue what we did Friday night. I have the worst memory. I remember Saturday though! Saturday morning I woke hubs up with the revelation that we must go buy Madi's new "big girl" bed immediately! When I get something in my head I have a very hard time getting over it until I actually do it. Hubs was thrilled with the idea as well, so we got ready and went to Rooms To Go. I had already done some research the night before (oh so that's what we did!) and hubs and I agreed on a bed so once we got there it was a fairly quick trip. It is being delivered on Saturday! I will be sure to post pics after we get her big girl room all set-up.

Well, since we are getting M a bed she needs bedding, of course. Oh darn, more shopping for me! :) I have been browsing online all week for the perfect bedding. I found it, and then after talking to my mother-in-law I realized I should probably wait until she's a bit older to buy the expensive Pottery Barn Kids bedding I was looking at. (you know, bed-wetting, throwing up, etc...all typical toddler messes!) So, I think I have decided on Target's Love & Nature Bedding.

image via

Madi loves owls and has been telling her grandma she is getting an owl bed, so I know she will love it! What do y'all think? I like it, but I do love the PBK more; however, I can wait a few years and that way Madi can pick out what she wants and will appreciate it more as well.

The down-side to the new bedding is that I will have to re-paint her walls. Let me just say, I HATE PAINTING. I mean, if I had a choice between cleaning toilets or painting, I'd pick the toilets. Seriously. Gr. Oh well, I have bribed asked Melanie & my mom to help me so maybe it won't be so bad! (Hubs hates painting as much as I do, so I don't even ask him to help me anymore.)

Whoa, that was a big tangent! Saturday night we had dinner with our friends Jessica & Gordie and their 1 year old son Baker. We all had a really nice time and I really loved getting to hold a "baby" again! Baker isn't at the "screaming at strangers" stage yet, and I take full advantage of it!

Sunday morning I got a text from Carrie asking me to come up and help her pick out a wedding dress! I happily agreed and packed Madi & myself up for a quick trip to Greenville. Carrie's mom, Madi & me all had a great time watching Carrie try on gowns! She found the perfect dress and looked absolutely beautiful!! I even got teary-eyed! 

I can't post pics of the bride in her dress, but here is Miss Madi playing around in the dressing room.

Madi finally warmed up to Carrie right before we had to leave!

This weekend = fun & success! What do y'all think of the bedding? Wall color suggestions? Any volunteers to paint for me? I'll feed you! :)


Unknown said...

We're going to be painting soon, too. Ewww!! LOVE the bedding! So cute!

Pop said...

I have a roller, tray, and brush you can use......

Neely said...

I wish I could paint for you!!!!!

Kelly said...

So when you asked on Twitter what bedding is cute, I was SOOOO going to retweet that Target and PBK has THE cutest owl bedding... but I didn't want to come across as a huge owl nut ;-) But it's awesome to know that we have the same taste! I would DEFINITELY go with the Target set because of the "toddler mess" ;-) And I LOOOOVE to paint!! Wish I could come visit and help you all, hahah!

Lacey said...

I love the owl bedding- too cute!!!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I loathe painting too! Maybe paint the room a pale yellow that's in the bedspread?! I love Madi's new bedding! I am a huge fan of owls!

SO fun that you got help your friend dress shopping! That is such a fun part!

Brittany said...

The owl bedding is just precious! I love it :) Good choice on going with Target instead of PB because you're right, toddlers have messes :)

I agree with Mrs. Werginz - go with pale yellow :)

Ruth said...

I like the bedding. I would agree don't get anything to expensive until she is older.

Shari said...

I'm not sure what the other bedding from PBK looks like, but if they have a color in common maybe try and do that..that way you wan't have to paint again. Or something neutral that could go with both. I too despise painting!

Just Jen said...

I would go with a pale green, like in the bedding. I want to do a room in my place in pale green ery soon. We are about to redo the floors, though, so painting will be waiting!

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