Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Paci Fairy

Once upon a time there was a nice little fairy. Her name was the Paci Fairy. The Paci Fairy is close friends with the Tooth Fairy and she collects pacis from big girls and gives them to crying babies who need them. The Paci Fairy is very generous so she leaves the big girls a gift in return for their pacis. 

The Paci Fairy was going to visit a very sweet girl named Madi last week, but her mommy caved around midnight and gave in to her cries for her paci. Thus ended the request for the Paci Fairy to visit the M household.

Maybe next week.

Argh. Yes, I caved. My sweet, sweet girl sat up in our bed for two hours whimpering for her dear old friend, Mr. Paci. Around midnight, I realized the next morning was not going to be pleasant unless we all got some sleep. Not even two minutes after I gave M her paci she was fast asleep. Oh my.

Let me tell you, this paci taking-away thing is NOT easy...for Madi or me. For some reason, when M can't have her paci now she doesn't want her blankie either, or any stuffed animals. Nothing. It just about broke my heart watching her just sit in my bed and push her blankie away while rubbing her eyes. She didn't really cry (until it got really late and she was just utterly exhausted), but instead just sat there looking like I'd taken her best friend away. Oh it was awful!! So, for now, she can have her paci at night.  And her blankie. I can't handle her not using her blankie. It makes me so sad!!

PS. If any of you want to try the Paci Fairy idea, I do recommend it. She was not upset at all while we were collecting all of her pacis and she had fun dropping them in the bag and hanging it on her door for the fairy to come. I think it will work next time. I just have to time that "next time" perfectly! :)



Suze said...

Girl. It will happen, she just turned 2! I had my paci, blankie and sucked my thumb forever! Like i said earlier , Tj, 5 yr old boy i keep , he's been dragging "spot" his blankie forever and he told me he was going to drag it around til he was 40 something ha ha! so no worries, its okay you gave in , promise :) Hopefully this helps :)

Kelly said...

Awww, you're so sweet :-) Hope it all works out for you all!! Just keep at it!

Lauren H Edmondson said...

Aww, Santa Clause took my paci and left me a kitchen set and there is documentation (via my daddy and his wonderful video camera) screaming "MAKE HIM BRING IT BACK!" at the top of my lungs Christmas morning and refusing to play with any of my toys. My parents caved too. Good luck!

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