Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So What Wednesday...

So What Wednesday!


So what ...

IF I stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday.

IF I still have my Christmas wreath up. I think it's pretty.

IF I'm counting down until Friday, and I've only worked 1 day this week.

IF I let my work phone go to voicemail, because I hate answering unknown calls.

IF deciding what's for dinner consists of contemplating between spaghetti, burritos, or something frozen.

IF the only cause of soreness in almost a year was from playing Kinect {and not actually working out}.

IF I haven't taken my 2 year old's paci away yet because the thought of her growing up makes me sad.

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Suze said...

i'm a new follower , and i noticed you go to newspring on your about me! i love perry! ANYWAY back to your so whats! i love the one stay in your pajamas, i've been known to do that! im also counting down to friday too! too funny! hope you've had a great wednesday! :)

Ruth said...

I spent all day Saturday in my pjs. I love days when you can stay in your pjs. I let my work phone go to voicemail too if I don't know who it is.

Constar said...

A. your little girl is adorable!!!! B. So what if i blog hop all day while im at work, lets call it an in house vacation!

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