Monday, February 21, 2011

Madi's 1st Haircut & Madi Moment Mondays!

Sunday was a good day!

Madi got her first haircut!!! 

We attempted this a few months ago with no success so this time we were prepared to be more prepared. Justin needed a hair cut so we thought it would be a great idea to let Madi watch daddy first and see that it doesn't hurt. This was a great help and she really seemed more comfortable with the idea of someone cutting her hair.

My mom met us there so she could be a part of it and Madi was really happy to see her. We went to a place specifically for kids haircuts which was great because Madi got to sit in a Barbie jeep and watch Max & Ruby! She loved that! She did great too! She didn't cry or fuss AT ALL. (Perhaps it was because we promised her the moon a toy afterwards.) We were impressed/surprised to say the least! Of course I got a bit sentimental but I'm glad her hair is no longer falling in her face!

About to get her 1st haircut!

My little girl after her first haircut!

Please ignore the headband. I had to have somewhere to "store" it. :)

After her haircut, Gigi gave her a stuffed penguin and we took her to Target where she picked out a jumbo bouncey ball. We were pretty thrilled because we figured that was the least expensive thing she could have picked out. After checking out and wondering why we paid so much, I checked the receipt and realized the BALL was $15!!! A grapefruit-sized ball cost me $15!!!! Are you kidding me? Ha! Oh well, she loves it...I hope! :)

Madi Moments Monday!

"I love all my friends!"

"You kiss me tooooo much!!" --I confess, I do!

While at a restaurant waiting on our bill, without Justin or myself saying anything, Madi says "He's a slowpoke!" (Referring to our waiter, and she was right - he was!)



Neely said...

Her hair looks so cute! Love the pics!

Shari said...

I love all of the Madi quotes. Too cute!

Kit said...

I love Madi's new do :)

meghan said...

That's so sweet! I still have pictures from my first haircut! Cute that she got to be in a Barbie Jeep.

Mama K said...

Great haircut! :) Love her quotes!! :)

Unknown said...

She looks adorable and her "moments" are too funny!

Amber said...

She is so adorable! I'm glad she took the haircut well. I can't believe she called the waiter a slowpoke, that's hilarious! :)

Christina said...

she is precious! a first hair cut is a big day!

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