Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday: Friendship

Top 2 Tuesday: Things you've learned about friendship

1. True friends accept you for who you are. I'm talking dance/karaoke party in the car, kitchen, living room, and yes sometimes the bathroom. I'm goofy and crazy and I love that my friends are accepting...and most of them are the same way! :)

2. True friends can pick up right where you left off. Quite a few of my closest friends and I have gone long periods of time without talking, not purposely, but because life got in the way. I love that no matter how long it's been I always know I can still pick up the phone and text them (no, I don't call often) and we can hang out like we just saw each other the day before. I'm not saying I love the distance, but when we don't live close to each other like a lot of my friends and me, then it's nice just catching up when we can.

I wish I had time to find pics of all of my friends and me but here are just a few that I had close by (ie: facebook)!

Carrie and me at the Carrie Underwood concert May 2010

Melanie and me July 4th, 2010

Morgan and me at Texas Roadhouse this past summer

Link up with Taylor and tell us about lessons you've learned about friendship!


Amber said...

Those are both SO true. Taylor did such a good job with this topic. Reading everyone's answers makes me sooo grateful for my besties. :)

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Unknown said...

I have friends like that, too! My college girlfriends and I always pick up right where we left off!

Sarah said...

soo true! you should be able to pick right back up with a "true" friend! I have a couple of those!! xoxo

hollyh said...

Great choices! Pictures are cute, too:)

Kelly said...

GREAT point that BFFs pick up right where they left off!! I got a chance to visit a friend who was my BFF all through grade school through freshman year in high school. We just had that connection, true friends. I was vacationing in San Diego where she worked and we just CLICKED right off the bat, like we were 14 again ;-) Sooo much fun! Sounds like you have some awesome friends in your life!

caitlin hamley said...

so true!! I feel like we can pick up again whenever we hangout. I definitely need to come up there more often!!! I miss ya!! You are one of my best friends and i cherish our friendship. Love ya!

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