Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Great Adventure of 2011


This weekend did not go quite as we had planned, BUT it was still great fun and definitely an adventure we will not forget!!

Friday night we went to GVille as planned. We went to dinner with Carrie at Red Robin (YUM) and all ate way too much!! After, we went back to our hotel and hung out for a bit. The hotel was quite snazzy so we had fun jumping on the bed and sprawling out on the couch. When I say we, of course I mean Carrie, Madi, and me. Justin had no part in such amazingness.

We had fun with the iphone IncrediBooth app...

Oh and so so cute that I just have to share - Carrie & I got Madi to "practice" being a flower girl with a box of tissues. I wish I had video taped it. Hilarious. Madi took the tissues out of the box and handed them to us and said "you take it." Ha! I'm sure Carrie will love if Madi does that with flowers at her wedding! Oh I can picture it now. :)

Saturday morning we were woken up by our princess throwing up. :( It wasn't bad and she was coughing so we just figured she just choked a little and that would be that. We were wrong. She started running a fever and we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us (one way)!! So we hit the road and made a stop at Wal-Mart for sick toddler essentials - towel, Tylenol, toy. On the way into Wal-Mart she threw up the middle of the parking lot. Luckily "it" missed both of us but got on her second blankie which made for a very, very long day for all of us. I should have bought about 5 of those blankies. Two just wasn't cutting it yesterday!!

What made this lovely car ride oh so much more fun was that Justin was having a very rough day. He did not get much sleep the night before so he was prone to having a seizure. I had to drive, and Miss M was on the verge of throwing up. Justin HAD to sleep so I kept an eye on M in the rear view mirror. I got skills.

To top it all off - we were taking this road trip to go pick up...A NEW DOG! :) I saved this info for this post because it's just so much more fun announcing this with pictures! 

Meet Schrute! 
(Can you guess who named him? Hint: Justin is a HUGE Office fan.)

Luckily, Schrute is a very good car rider so it wasn't *too* bad driving the 3.5 hours home. I mean it could have been worse. Madi did have another throw up incident - this time it was in Arby's - in the line to order. Lovely. I think I earned my mom badge then. You know, all moms have that one fifty really embarrassing story that just totally solidifies their mommyhood. Justin was outside with Schrute so there I was flustered with how to handle a throw up covered child trying to hug me all while trying to clean up the mess she just made in the restaurant. Luckily the Arby's staff was super nice about it, so I really just had to deal with getting M back to the car and cleaned up. After that, and about 3 more stops, we finally made it home.

Needless to say we did not get to go visit Justin's grandparents. We had planned on going there after picking up the dog, but Madi was not feeling any better and we really just had to get her home. We will hopefully go visit them very soon though.

Told you it was an adventure!! Schrute is a great dog and we have had fun taking him on walks. It's really helping me get in my daily exercise. Madi is still not back to her old self. She still had a fever up until this afternoon and is still having stomach problems but I think she'll be better tomorrow. I, unfortunately, think I am getting the stomach bug now. FUN.

I'll give y'all the story of Schrute later this week. Hope y'all had a much calmer weekend than me and YAY for Sister Wives starting back up tonight!!!! I love that show!!


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a rough trip! Hope everyone will be feeling better soon! :)

Ruth said...

Sounds like a rough trip. I hope Madi is feeling better soon.
the pup is to cute.

Unknown said...

Your new addition is adorable!!! I hope you don't get sick, and that Madi feels better very, very soon.

P.S. I absolutely love and adore Sister Wives too!

Neely said...

Oh gosh that trip sounds rough! I hope everyone is good now :)

Shari said...

Congrats on the new addition! I hope everyone is feeling better!

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