Thursday, April 21, 2011

TMI? Probably.

Word of Advice:

Do not take PEEING for granted.

Seriously. I used to. Take it for granted, that is.

Now that I cannot pee, I'm missing it.

TMI? Probably, but oh well. You'll live. :)

Apparently it's a side effect from general anesthesia. My bladder hurt allll night and I thought I was cramping, then this morning when I still had trouble peeing I put two and two together and realized it's my bladder hurting! Ridiculous. So now I cannot take my pain meds and the anesthesia should wear off by the end of the day, then my peeing situation should be back to normal. Hope so! And I bet y'all do too so you won't have to hear about this again! :)

Surgery went well. Thanks so much for all of the prayers and sweet comments! There was a very sad moment right before surgery - I had to say bye-bye to my toe ring. :(

(I have 5 toes, 1 is just hiding and please ignore the nude toenails. 
No polish allowed for surgery.)

I have had this ring on my toe for 14 years!! My aunt made it for me out of a flat piece of gold and I just never took it off. Well, turns out I couldn't get it off if I wanted to. The nurses had to take it off while I was knocked out. Now I can't get it back on, so for the time being it's a pinky ring. So sad though that it had to come off!!! :( 

Today has been okay pain-wise. My awesome brother brought me a huge Sonic Cherry Slush and hung out with me for a bit. It was so nice getting to catch up with him. I can't believe he's 18 and so grown up!! Love him to pieces!! 

December 2008

Also keeping me happy & comfy today is this awesome care package Jessica brought me the night before my surgery.

She knows me SO well! Gossip mag, mac & cheese!, ginger ale, baked Cheetos, Crystal Light, Reese's pb cups, bath beads, and a get well card. Thanks Jessica! You are awesome!

Oh and these DELICIOUS Chocolate Chip & Brownie cookes!! Husband, Matt, & Me devoured these. I still need to ask Jessica if she made them.  I never thought of putting brownie pieces in cookies, AMAZING!

Well, I'm off to prop my head up and watch some more of the crazy RHONY! (One of them actually just complained about her brand new Mercedes SUV. For real?!)


Jessica said...

Get well soon!!! I would have the exact same care package if I were recovering too.. gossip mags and mac-n-cheese are MUST haves!!!

Kelly said...

Mmmm, with those items how can you NOT recover well?? YUM. Those cookies were calorie free, right?? And ouchie with your bladder, sounds painful? Take care today, friend!!

Suze said...

praying for a speedy recovery and able to pee again girl asap! :) what a sweet brother and friend to bring you some great care packages of all your favorites! so sweet you deserve it! sorry to hear about your ring :( but least you have it and it didnt get lost anywhere right! :) have a terrific thursday!

Leah said...

What a sweet friend you have to bring you that awesome care package!
Get well soon!

Megan said...

I'm glad to hear your surgery went well! Although I do hope your peeing situation gets better asap- that doesn't sound very fun at all! =/

And that sucks about having to take off that toe ring. 14 years?! That's crazy! It was basically a part of your body after that long. I remember when my mom made me take off my friendship bracelets (which I had only been wearing for a year and a half) for my senior pictures... I was crushed. So I can't imagine how disappointing it was to say bye to the toe ring, for now.

Ruth said...

Get well soon!

Erin said...

How are you feeling? Hope you were able to get some rest this weekend!

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