Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thanks & WILW!

Thank you all so much for all of the prayers and kind words wishing me a quick recovery. I feel like so much of this blog (and my life) is about mine and my husband's illnesses. That was never my intention, but this is about our life and that happens to include these bumps in the road! We truly are blessed with all that we have and know that we are lucky to be as healthy as we are. I am feeling much better and am back at work today. My husband has been feeling much better as well. I think he is finally on a medicine that is working for him. Yay!!! God is good!!!

And here is what I'm loving this Wednesday!!

  • I'm loving that we are going to the beach this weekend for Mother's Day!! Madi talks about it all the time and can't wait to go. I really hope she enjoys it this time. Last year she was not a happy camper!
  • I'm loving that I finally got a "good" estimate on fence installation!! The company is coming out tomorrow so we can sign the contract and get this fence process started. I cannot wait!! This means Schrute will have a place to run around and play, Madi will get a swing-set, and we will be able to grill out in privacy!! (This also means I get a trampoline, but I haven't warmed hubs up to that idea...yet.)
  • I'm loving that in 3 weeks one of my dear friends will be here visiting me from Alaska!! She is soooo sweet to come all the way down South to see me every year and I am so excited. We are taking a short 2 day girl's only beach trip and then doing some shopping closer to home! Can not wait!!
  • I'm loving that our neighborhood pool is now open!!! Wahhhoooo!
  • I'm loving all things monogrammed - as usual! Don't you just adore these things?!
Who doesn't need a cute mouse pad?!

Totally want this for my cubicle. Thanks Lauren for showing this to us on your blog today!

Adorable ribbon holder for Madi. I'd have to get different font though.

Images via

...maybe I should have made this a separate post. :) Totally wish I had tons of money to blow on this kind of stuff!! 

Anyway, happy Wednesday!!


Suze said...

Praising Jesus for good news on you and your hubs medical conditions, that things are improving and will pray that continue to :)

enjoy your weekend at the beach, happy mothers day early!

i too love monogram things hehe :)

also, enjoy your time with your friend flying from alaska, so sweet of her!

hopefully the sun will stay out so you can enjoy the neighborhood pool too :)


Unknown said...

McKayla needs that clock for her room! I'm checking it out now :)

Kelly said...

How close are you guys from the ocean? You're going to have sooo much fun!! :-D Can't wait to see pics. HOW fun that your friend is coming all the way to visit!! You should post which cell case you chose-- dying to see which one you got! Hope you're doing okay!

Amber said...

I love the monogrammed clock! that is SO cute!

How sweet of your friend to come all the way down from Alaska! I hope you guys have a blast :)

caitlin said...

hey girl just want to say i adore your blog :) it's so pretty and i love the colors! awww what a great time for your friend and you to see one another and from Alaska! how neat! can't wait to read more! xo

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