Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Week)end Recap

Has it really been almost a week since I last blogged?!?! Shame. Bad Brittan. In my defense, I was really busy!!

I had Thursday & Friday off of work because my friend Adriane came from Alaska to visit me!! I picked her up in Charlotte on Thursday, we did a little shopping and then on Friday we went to Myrtle Beach! Just the two of us, for a short girls weekend! We laid out a bit on Friday and went to Broadway at the Beach that night.  Side note: Have y'all tried Skinnygirl Margaritas? We grabbed a bottle (or two) to drink on the beach and BLEH!! So nasty!!  Adriane likes margs; I don't. Neither of us liked Skinnygirl. Seriously disappointed. I'm not a big drinker (I drink about once a year) but darn I had my hopes up for this one.


Saturday we stopped by the Outlets before heading home. On Sunday we went to the zoo with Justin & Madi and then Adriane & I went shopping that afternoon. It was SO hot at the zoo so we didn't stay long at all. It was crazy humid. We had fun though! Adriane left Monday morning. It was so nice of her to come! I can't believe we didn't get any pictures of the two of us together!!

What did y'all do this weekend? Any big summer plans?


Jessi said...

That last picture is so cute!

How does your hair not look like a puffball in humidity? I'm jealous.

Amber said...

What an awesome friend to come all this way!

I haven't tried the skinnygirl margs, but I've heard mixed feelings about them.

You look so cute in the pics! :)

Unknown said...

Those pictures are great!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Molly S. said...

I'm going there in a couple weeks :)

Lauren H Edmondson said...

love Madi's hat in the zoo pic (and yours in the pic before that haha). looks like a fun weekend :)

Unknown said...

Hey girl! Love your blog and your name! =) Looking forward to continuing reading your blog! Your little one is so precious!!!

Neely said...

That last picture is great! I hope your week is just as good!

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