Monday, June 6, 2011

I will miss you, fast food.

Fact: I love fast food.

Fact: I really love fast food.

Fact: I eat fast food sometimes as often as three times a day. Typically, about two times a day.

Fact: I spend way too much money on fast food.

Fact: I've decided to put a stop to this!

Fact: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

(If you don't watch The Office you can disregard the last fact...and go to netflix immediately.)

Actually all of these statements should be "we" and not "I." Justin and I both eat out a ton and it is seriously starting to dip into our bank account. So, to try and fix this problem we are challenging each other to a 30 day "Death by Drive Thru" Challenge!

No fast food or eating out of any kind for the next 30 days! Our challenge started today! I honestly was voting for more like 2 weeks, not a MONTH, but he thinks we can do it. So, today we went to the grocery store after work and spent about $50 more than we usually spend. Not bad at all considering that $50 will provide at least 2 weeks worth of meals and the $50 we spend on eating out would only last about a day or two! CRAZY!

I'm pretty nervous about this. I have a very limited pallet, as in - I do not like much at all, so I bought frozen chicken fries and french fries to quench my fast food cravings when they occur. Let's hope I can do this because I know husband won't have a problem with it!

If I told y'all how much we actually spend on eating out each month you'd probably think I was (a) crazy, (b) broke, (c) I'm not telling. I like y'all and want to keep you around. :)

Here goes nothing with Day 1 of the Morris household's "Death by Drive Thru" Challenge! Tonight J is making chili and I am eating a hot dog. No, I do not like chili. Yes, I realize I have issues.

Have you ever had any challenges/competitions with your spouse? Want to try the challenge too? I'd love to hear about if you do!


Kit said...

You can so do it!!!

Shari said...

Good luck! I definitely think you will do it. :) I once had to give up a food of my choice for 30 days. I went with pasta, one of my favorites. I seriously thought it would be impossible, but after the first little bit it became much easier to stick with it. Hang in there!

Heather Rae said...

Good for you! It's hard, but attainable! I've been there and done that. And you know it's much healthier NOT to eat out. Hang in there and savor every bite of homemade goodness! I'm posting on homemade cherry jam tomorrow if you want to go as far as that... it's yummy!

Neely said...

Good for you girl! You can do it :)

Mama K said...

You are hilarious!! I could never ever do this. My husband is a penny pincher, so he gets on to me ALL the time about eating out too much. I hope that you are successful! It will be interesting to see how much money you really save! :)

Amber said...

This is awesome, I need to do this too. When I see how I spend my money, most of it goes to places for food/drinks. It's awful. I think I'm in the same boat as you.

So does it mean you can't stop somewhere like Sonic or Starbucks for a drink too? How does that work? I need to know the rules. I wanna do it :)

Lauren H Edmondson said...

hahahaha love The Office plug - that is one of my favorite moments when Jim mocks Dwight. And I admire your goal to quit fast food - I wouldn't last a week!

Ashley Slater said...

hey, are you the same person who does two dogs and a blog? because I am pretty sure I just followed that blog today...but this is great too, so I am following here!


Adventures of Newlyweds

Rachel said...

I feel you!! If I had to go another day of my life without a french fry.. just hand me the gun. I love fast food, but dang it's expensive! try eating out like that with a family of FOUR. It ain't cheap. :) Good Luck!

Michelle said...

I love it too! I try not to eat it because it's expensive! It's easier than you think! YOU CAN DO IT!! :)

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